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Any advice?

I been having some pretty funny episodes here lately which I’m convinced are simple partial seizures.. I’ve had a ct scan at the emergency room and it has come back clean. They referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist completely dismissed everything I told him that I’ve been experiencing/ going through and told me they are panic attacks! He said not all panic attacks feel the same but my symptoms are exact panic attack symptoms, but stated I am not having epileptic seizures. He is only willing to do a 1 hour eeg and send me on my way. I went to my GP and she is willing to refer me elsewhere for a second opinion because I know my body, and these aren’t panic attacks. Can somebody help me? I’ll list the symptoms below.

They’re typically right after I awake in the morning/wake me out of sleep/if my boyfriends alarm goes off in the morning. Or sometimes during the day. Currently I’m having these “episodes” multiple times daily. I also feel weird before the “episodes” happen, like I can feel them about to take place if that makes sense.

•Feels like my brain is deprived of oxygen

•I get quiet and anxious, don’t like to be spoken to or people around me speaking period.

•I get restless or sometimes just freeze in a ball until the feelings pass

•Ringing in ears/hissing

•Breathing slows/ SOB

•I get nauseous sometimes

•I belch

•I swallow repeatedly

•Tingling body from head to toe

•Hazey feeling in head/just like my brain is ”fritzing” if that makes sense/like when the tv screen is fuzzy black and white= how I feel

•Tempature rises/sweaty

•Raised heart beat

•Chest tightness

•Clench jaw

•Blank stares almost zoning out

•Overwhelming fear/paranoia

•Dilated pupils

•Aware but Difficult to find words

•Hoarse voice


•Things around me look real, but it’s almost like a hazey real like a fuzzy real.. like maybe there’s a film between me and the real world I guess I can’t really put it into words.

•Just an overall WEIRD feeling

Afterwards, I just feel off/dizzy/lightheaded and it’s a relief to “come back to earth” as I call it, and am exhausted and typically take a nap. If not, I just feel odd until I get some sleep.

Sorry if it’s too long, I hope somebody reads & replies. I really need advice, do these sound like seizures to you? TIA xoxo

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I’m Definitely not a doctor by any means. I think you should get a second opinion for sure. Find someone who will listen to you. Are you in the states?

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Yes I am. I know nobody on here can diagnose, I’m just hoping I could possibly get some advice.


All I have is experience... I don’t have seizures. But if you read my profile, my boyfriend has stage 4 cancer; and a brain tumor that was removed is causing his seizures... he has many of those symptoms. He can’t really explain them either. But you did quite well and it helps me have an understanding. He explains it as a weird feeling.. like his head is fuzzy. He takes a lot a lot of anti convulsants, but CBD oil is a good alternative if a doctor isn’t or won’t prescribe you medication.


I read your profile/posts, so sorry you both are going through such a rough time right now. I’ll be thinking of you guys. xo

I’m glad they helped you.. I’m definitely seeking a second opinion but it may be weeks/months before I see another neurologist.


Where are you located? Like I said until that happens look into CBD oil


I’m in Oklahoma.

I’ll check it out. 😌 thanks for the advice.


No problem. My boyfriend gets auras and immediately takes an eye dropper full under his tongue. Calms the auras and then they go away. Oklahoma is far from me, if you were on the east coast I would have had some good recommendations. Good luck! Xoxo



It must be really distressing to have those episodes, and then to have felt dismissed by the neurologist. We’re not able to diagnose if the symptoms are seizures or panic attacks, but you might be interested in our information about epilepsy and anxiety. epilepsy.org.uk/info/anxiety

This shows that it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between seizures and panic attacks as they share many of the same symptoms. It’s good that your GP is willing to refer you for a second opinion. I hope you’re able to get some answers soon.


Epilepsy Action Helpline Team


I'm sorry you are having such nasty symptoms, and that you don't feel able to trust your neurologist. It sounds as if you feel he is not taking your experiences seriously. But panic attacks are completely real and seriously unpleasant. They could be what you are having. Also, your GP can probably get you help and treatment for panic attacks, and you could get better. Whereas epilepsy probably means medication for life.

If you are having this problem just as you wake up, see if the neurologist can do a sleep eeg, which just involves taking a mild sedative and trying to go to sleep for an hour in hospital.

Also, if your boyfriend sees you having these episodes, you should get him to describe them to the doctor, as this is a good clue to what is going on.

I hope you get better!


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