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Patient who wants to share or gain people experience or want to share my own. Epilepsy occur due to lack of sleep, tension or imprpr medi

Having epilepsy twice in month minor attacks going fycompa 6mg, tegritol 400mg, frisium 10mg,lacosam 200mg since birth having this problem

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Hi Blmn

Having epilepsy twice a month is pretty good compared to others. It only depends on the strength of them along with the aftermath. Getting not enough rest is one of the main triggers. Another is stress. The more stress the more of a chance you have on having a seizure. So keep the mood steady and normal. I understand you are under much frustration but there are ways in which you can be more under control. Have you noticed anything in particular trigger your seizures? Are you doing some activity resulting with seizures at a higher percentage? Another cause may be the amount of med you are taking too. Each med plays part in certain parts of the brain which can lead to more seizures and anxiety. Especially when that part of the brain is not damaged in the first place.

Myself in this situation I try to keep my attitude neutral at all times. Stress is my main trigger to my seizures. Many times when big matters or serious issues to others take place I remain very calm with no reaction. It frustrates others and they don’t really understand why, but in many cases they don’t need to. So I can feel what you are going through during the attack’s especially while taking an extra amount of medication.

There will be a conclusion found on your part sooner or later. It may be difficult but just be patient and hang in there. 😊

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