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3 year old daughter has Status epilepsy with high ammonia

Hi, need advice how control seizures and to lower ammonia, she's on Keppra 250mg x2 times daily,,, Topamax 37.5 morning 50mg night,,,, Rivertol 1drop morning 1drop night epilim 5ml morning 5ml night L - carnatine 0,25g 4x daily

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The only person qualified to give advice on a multi-complex has to be your doctor. Likewise they can seek a referral to a neurologist.


She is at a neurologist a dietitian a pediatrician thus all these meds still siesures not under control I am on the forum to maybe relate to someone with similar issues



Sorry this is a medical question so you’ll need to ask your specialist about it.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team


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