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Assessor for capita wrote degradeing things in report and lied about me

hi everyone ive just had a copy of assessor report and found it full of lies and to the point she called me fat ive rang capita and dwp an d made a complaint about this but seem to have been fobbed off i,m at the end of my tether and dont know what to do now can any one advise me

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Hi Shell, don't be disappointed. After 24 years receiving DLA (middle care component + low mobility) an ATOS assessment last June I scored zero points. I made the Mandatory Reconsideration immediately (has to be within 30 days) and the DWP virtually copy & pasted the ATOS report. My mistake was not taking any medical evidence from the GP or Neurologist with me as I thought they would do the same as they've done for all these years? What's the point of asking for our GP and specialist's contact details on the application form if they're not going to use them.

I next went to the CAB for support and advice because although I feel confident at taking them on I think it's best that someone represents you, otherwise you'll give the impression that you're capable of carrying out the tasks they ask on the forms for you to do.

I applied to the local hospital for a copy of my medical records, because another strike against me was for not regularly seeing a Neurologist since September 2013. I didn't ask for another appointment because, in my opinion, I wasn't listened to. The Neuro wanted me to undergo CT, MRI scans and video Telemetry as work up for brain surgery on the temporal lobe. I went through all of this between 1987 to 2000 when the Neuro Surgeon in London told me that surgery would only offer me 70/30% chance of clearing the epilepsy up. I declined and happily accepted the DLA or DWA (when working) to supplement my income. Now the DWP has tightened the criteria for PIP only to make it harder to qualify.

Probably, like you, there's too many criticisms to list, but the one remark made in my report that incenses me is "he showed no cognitive impairment". Of course we don't until we go into seizure. But we can't have a seizure just when it's necessary to prove ourself. My GP didn't help me a lot when I told him of my last seizure in Tesco's whilst shopping. For evidence why didn't you ask your brother, who takes me shopping, to take a photo of me? Who the bloody hell can think straight when we've just regained consciousness and think we need a photo. Not only that, but a 'still' photo could be captured anywhere? Sometimes it's doctors who show signs of a brain impairment when they offer daft advice.

Don't worry about the current situation. Get some representation and let them know everything. Those with epilepsy that go to appeal, that attend it, have at least a 60% chance of success. An appeal without attending is 15 - 20% success. I've been waiting 9 months but that's because I wasn't going to appeal at first. I had enough to live on and feel I'm fortunate. It's when I read about so many receiving injustice that made me do something to help others.

Take care Shell, there's a community here to help you. x


Hi thank you for your kind words im waiting to see what mandatory appeal says because god love her my sister wrote a 26 page reconsider notice even including they change of law in march this year ny a high court saying pip should look at not if but when we get hurt in a fit how bad will it be

She even included a test case that shows a women with absence seizures going from nol points to full inhanced on both care and mobility

She has also wrang and made formal complaint to Dwp and capita


Quick update

Ive had a phone call this morning about my mandatory reconsideration from a DWP manager she has looked at my claim and a previous one I made that was turned down too and now for some reason she has sent both claims to a specialist ( her words not mine) in her department she was very nice to me and patient but was interested tbat capita have taken my complaint to them seriously and have written me a letter saying that they will be in touch in the next 20 days

The DWP manager haa said they will be in touch in next 2 weeks

Im not sure if this is a good thing anyone have any ideas x


Hi everyone I just heard from mandatory appeal and I won highest in both care and mobility


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