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Small aura's

I have had juvenile myoclonic epilepsy for years, usually a small warning or precognition of a possible seizure "watch out!" is a small aura, feeling weak and with like a small electric shock for a few seconds, now be wary of a seizure, the number of times this warning has saved myself from harm or from an possible impending seizure, I get to bed a.s.a.p. usually sleep it off, sometimes even deep breaths, relax for a minute or two can help! As stress, lack of sleep, or inconsistent recent routine usually causes my seizures these 'routines' can help causing a seizure?

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I should have mentioned these are small or mini auras, much smaller than the larger, longer ones where a person would know that they will have a seizure for sure! Usually deep breaths relax and the small aura disappears altogether, and as I said larger aura straight to bed!


Hi Adlon57

Thank you for sharing how you cope with your auras. It’s really good you have something in place that helps.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team


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