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I've just re-applied for my buss pass and have been asked to supply either a refusal of license from DVLA or letter from medical proffesional stating I'm not fit to drive.

Fair enough apart from my licenses were revoked over 18 months ago and as seizure have continued not re-applied so as not to waste their time or my postage and my consultants and doctors know that the seizures are unremitting and that I'm aware I shouldn't drive so they never refer to it specifically in any letters and I feel it a waste of their valuable time to get them to write a letter especially for just me who already knows I shouldn't drive. Plus with the new rules about medications and driving it's quite likely the medications I am on would result in a criminal offence anyway.

The salt in the wound is that I used to be a lorry driver as well as a car driver, driver both for living and for pleasure so to say anyone would voluntarily give up driving is mad why else would it be classed a 'punishment' for motoring offences.

Has anyone else had this issue and what is the best way to deal with it other than personally going to the County Hall and poking the box tickers eyes out with a blunt stick!

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I've been in this situation. Licence was revoked 6 years ago so letter from DVLA is not recent. Every year my doctor has to sign a form to say I still can't drive and like you I feel this is a waste of his time however sometimes he does charge.

For a railcard all you need to show is a prescription showing you are on epilepsy medication. Why is this not enough to also get a bus pass?!.

Give the council folk a poke from me while you're there.


Thank you glad I'm not alone with this quandry just wish none of us had to suffer it!

If I do the council poking will you pay the fine for me :-)


My doctor doesn't charge. Every 12 months I just leave the form for him to sign at reception with a little note saying I have had an "absence" in the last 12 months. Pick it up the next day and go to the local library to submit the application.


Thank you for the reply

I've sent ladt consult letter and neuro rehab report but will try GP secretary. Last GP was good for things like this but he's retired now and usually takes 3 to 4 weeks just to see his replacement and then only managed to see him twice in ladt 9 months!


My GP always signs the forms the me I leave the note with the reception it has never cost me anything and I have been using this system for ten years now each time I need it renewed with no problems.


Thank you all so much for your answers.

Form to GP going in.


Hi Sporan

Thanks for your post. Sounds like you have been through a lot over the past year and half. Your frustration is understandable.

The bus pass is among the few benefits for people who have epilepsy who are not allowed to drive. Unfortunately, it does require a bit of paperwork to get it. As the the other replies have said, a letter from your GP might be enough to renew your pass. The letter would have to explain that the current state of your epilepsy does not permit you to drive. They require proof of eligibility to make sure the benefit is not abused.

More on benefits for people with epilepsy: epilepsy.org.uk/info/benefits

The new drug driving law is confusing. But, it’s important you know that the law does take into account people who are taking their medications according to their doctor’s prescription. The government webpage explaining the law states:

You can drive after taking these drugs if:

• you’ve been prescribed them and followed advice on how to take them by a healthcare professional

• they aren’t causing you to be unfit to drive even if you’re above the specified limits

So, if you are taking your medicine as instructed by your doctor, chances are you wouldn’t have any problems with the law.

The .gov website on the new drug driving law: gov.uk/drug-driving-law

I hope you’re feeling better, and that you’re able to renew your bus pass without any more trouble.

Kind regards


Advice and Information Team


Many thank for your response. I have requested a letter from my GP who will phone when ready. They charge £15 for this.

Have already sent off to district council letter from consultant say seizures continue but dated 6 months ago and doesn't specifically say 'not fit to drive'.


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