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What causes my seizures?

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I am seventeen years old, and I have had at least fifteen seizures in the past year. All of them are caused by either drugs or alcohol, and I have stopped taking drugs such as MDMA/ecstacy. I only ever have a seizure the morning after a night out, and it happens very suddenly.

For example, two days ago: I woke up in the morning (about 10am) after getting home at 2am the night before. I went out clubbing and had about three vodka lemonades and didn't feel even remotely tipsy. The next morning, I stood up, went to the kitchen, poured myself some cereal, started reading, and the next thing I knew I was in an ambulance. All of my blood tests etc... showed up normal and I'm awaiting an MRI scan.

Could this be sleep deprivation? I'm quite worried though, because I want to continue drinking and possibly smoking weed, but if that means I keep having seizures, it would not be the best outcome.

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Hi Jess. It really sounds, from what you are saying, that the drugs and alcohol are the most obvious seizure triggers. What you do about that is up to you. But it's certainly good that you're having tests done.


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Thankyou for your input! I only assumed that seizures from alcohol occurred with the withdrawal, and not after a few drinks, but it's not fun:(

My seizures are caused by sleep deprivation as well as stress which is common for many epileptics. I've had several EEG's, lots of blood work and too many other tests to count but any other cause remains elusive so don't be surprised if you run into the same problems. Many anti seizure meds won't work if you drink with them. Be prepared for the fun times to stop after you start taking medication - I know it did for me. I didn't have any problems occasionally smoking pot but my chemistry is not your chemistry. Good luck with all your tests and I hope you find meds that work. I still haven't after 10 years.

Thankyou for your input! It was very informative, and I wish you all the best.

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Hi Jess, first of all at the age of 17 it sounds as if drinking and drugs seem to matter to you the most. I'm not surprised this is affecting you - alcohol and drugs are the 2 worst thing to trigger seizures. Stop the binge drinking and stop the drugs, but its your choice. If you wish to continue with the drinking and smoking weed then be prepared to have seizures, which later on can get worse. There are many triggers for seizures, i.e. sleep deprivation, stress, heat, hormonal imbalances, too much TV and video watching (flashing lights), alcohol, drugs and more. I have had epilepsy for 41 years now, don't drink, have never taken drugs and know that lack of sleep, heat and hormonal imbalances can also affect one's system. The choice is yours, but if you wish to improve then stop the drinking and drugs whilst you are still young.

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I understand that perhaps drinking/drug taking isn't the best idea. But sometimes, it's hard to be t-total at 17, with all the pressure as well as the fact being told I 'can't' do something, makes me want to do it more. Thank you for your input though! I'm awaiting a referral at a hospital to find out the cause of seizures

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All the best! It's your life, but you are destroying yourself even more! I don't take excuses just because you are 17 and under pressure, etc.

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