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Appointment tommorow


Ok so I just got called to see if my consultant had any cancellations and they had one for tomorrow...eeeek NOT PREPARED.... So i am calling on my endo family for help ...

so far I have had:

Consultant session:

Where he said he doesn't think it is endo as it gets worse with mobility so it might be more related to my Symphasis Pubic Dysfunction i get with my pregnancies...even though I said it gets worse a week before my periods and extremely painful when I am actually on my periods. But he sent me for a TV scan and then recommended lap if nothing was shown on scan

TV Scan:

The nurse said she can see cysts on my ovaries and feel as thought they are stuck as they didn't move when prodded which can be a sign of advanced endo

I have just went through my two weeks of hell and have now received an appointment tomorrow, I am going to phone in in the morning to see that my consultant is actually attending an not one of the juniors ) if its the juniors i will cancel and go to my original appointment in June

I want to press for the lap before i try other medication as i don't think I can cope with side affects and pain when there has not been an actual diagnosis. Need some questions that i should ask him

So need responses asap ladies..a big thank you in advance

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Well done for being proactive and pressing for an ealier appointment.

Don't let doctors fob you off abou the mobility issue. I don't know much about Symphasis Pubic Dysfunction but I used to get tremendous pain when I sneezed. Later found out womb was attached to minside muscle wall due to endo material scarring and thus casuing pain. Similar thing can happen if bits are stuck together. All the pulling and twisting.

A lap is the only way to confirm or properly reject Endo, so don't be fobbed off even if the TV scan showed something, it still might also be Endo.

Be confident and prepared. Before surgery he might suggest medical therapies such as Prostap and others alike. Know what they are and be sure they are for you.

Good luck xx

thanks and omg i get the sneeze thing when i sneeze my ligaments on my lower abdominal feel like there ripping its a sharp feeling i now hold my stomach tight before i sneeze i always put that down to loose core muscles...

The last time i went every time i suggested things that i had read about he gave me this ' am i the specialist or you look' so I'm a bit skeptical about saying that when you do the lap can check all around as i have pain between my rectum and vagina, right at the bottom where i sit (i know its TMI but hey) and also the sneeze pain so i'm thinking if they're gonna do that lap they might as well look at everything also that its there constantly so it could be deep infiltrated endo. I want to say all that without sounding too patronizing......any ideas lol

If your endo turns out to be advanced, excision surgery is the best way forward. It removed the endo not just from the surface but also from the de eper layer. Hormone drugs will just subdue it for a short period of time . . . and then you are back to square one in no time at all. Best to get the endo sorted rather than mask it. Hormone therapy has it's place if someone is wanting to temporarily shrink it to try for a window of opportunity to conceive but it is not a longer term solution to endo. Hysterectomy and removal of ovaries is not a cure for endo either. That often gets offered. Hysterectomy helps if there is adenomyosis or other gynae problems such as heavy bleeding or fibroids but it will not be the answer on its own if you have endo elsewhere. Ovaries can usually be saved by a skilled endo surgeon so don't be too quick to agree to removal as they do provide hormones that your body needs postmenopause.

All best wishes for your consultation x x

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