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Worse pain :(

I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with endo and given northisterone as a treatment and I feel worse, the pain is unbearable in my back especially and in my tummy. I usually have 1 day periods but this one has been 1 week with a lot of pain :(. I had endo 7 yrs ago with a dermoid cyst they concentrated on the cyst and never sorted the endo out....now am worried its a right mess in there and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel :(

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hey im 26(just) and i was diagnosed nearly a year ago due to dermoid cyst on my left ovary by the time they listened it had destroyed my ovary and fellopian tube...it contained thyroids...i was well freaked out...and at the same time as that i was diagosed with endo...im also on naristerone to stop me bleeding..but i use that with gabapentin,anatryptalin,defamic acid,tramadol and im still no pain free...u shud have a talk to ur gp about more pain releif...becos wen im in alot of pain im on my downest and thats not good...endo is a long road and hard and painful and emotionally fuked up..at the mo im still trying to get my head round it...and if theres anything i need to know or say i come on here...were all fighting the same disease that makes me feel less alone...xxxxx


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