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Consultant appointment after Zoladex

I have not had a diagnosis yet. I saw my consultant who put me on Zoladex. Last one was Monday just gone, Pain at the beginning was level 8/9 and now alot better 2/3. So at least now I can get through the day at some reasonable level. Walking is better for me sitting and laying down is worse for me strangely. I have pelvic pain, bloating, pain in hips, pain in appendix area. Although when i went for my last injection at the doctor's she said she doesn't think the pain has gone enough for the consultant to think its gynae related. Although I think going from a 8 to a 3 is very good. Consultant appointment not come through yet but should be by the end of May. Can anyone advise what to ask or say at my appointment as now I am really worried that he is going to fob me off and not investigate further. I just want to have a diagnosis.

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I don't see how they couldn't do a lap to have a look based on what you have found, pain reduction wise. Plus it's gone from a 9 to a 2 at the extremes so I wouldn't worry about them thinking is not gynie related. Besides, a lot of the residual pain is caused by the alterations in posture we make to accommodate the pain, this could be helped by physio in the long term.

Good luck and try not to worry x


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