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Hello I am new to all of this I am on my own with a severely disabled autistic child and I do not know where to turn.can you please tell me if anything that I am going to say sounds at all familiar.I have ALWAYS had the most HORRENDOUSLY painful periods but about two months ago they got even worse now I HATE to be so graphic it's really not nice is it ? But every time I try to open my bowels I am left LITERALLY with a loo full of sticky blood clots and blood,I also during my period have been using 20 heavy period towels in spaces as frequently as two hourly,but perhaps if you can possibly believe this what is a HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES WORSE is the CONSTANT leg ache ,both legs from thigh to ankles it's driving me to dispare I do not know what to do at all,it's taken over my life,despite taking pain killers,the strongest you can possibly take ,whilst the edge IS taken off this pain ( only just) it does NOTHING for my aching legs,I feel like throwing the towel in if not for my little girl I WOULD I can not even consider taking part in something that I LOVED SO MUCH and that is taking my dog long walks around the park !!!! I am SCARED SENSLESS of going out during my period in case I have an accident or that there isn't a loo present.can anyone PLEASE PLEASE confirm whether any of this sounds at all familiar,I would deeply appreciate it,I can not sleep and do not have an appetite at all thank you in anticipation Donna

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Please, please write all this down, exactly as above and take it with you to a Doctor. There is obviously something very wrong and it needs sorting as soon as possible. Sending you hugs and the strength to do so. You can't possibly go on like that, it's hard enough with children but your daughter depends on you even more and you need to be well to take care of her. You should not be suffering that amount of pain and blood loss, please arrange to see your Doctor as soon as possible. xxx


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