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Endo and pregnancy

I had on and off problems for the past 4 years with endo but Ive been extremely lucky to have high quality health care where I live. Ive had a mirena coil for a year and have had endless problems with it, I went to the dr recently to have it taken out but she couldn't locate it so in two weeks I'm off to the specialist to have it removed. Hopefully if the specialist can get it out my partner and I want to start trying to conceive but after all the problems I've had he's extremely worried that I wont have a normal pregnancy and by the sounds of it he's going to be wrapping me in cotton wool. Can anyone give me some advice on how their pregnancies went with having endo?? Is there anything to expect other then the normal??

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Hello hun. I had no problems relating to endo during either of my pregnancies :) I have heard that adhesions and scarring can be painful as the tummy stretches but if anything getting pregnant will help your endo as the pregnancy hormones shrink it :) Good luck having the mirena removed I didn't get on with it either. Hope you conceive quickly and have a problem free pregnancy and birth xxx


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