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Hi I have restarted with server pains down my right side. I dont know whats best to do


I started with endo when i was 17, now im 39. In the past 22 years ive had my left ovary remove, laser surgery on my bowel, bladder kidneys and right felopian tube. I then had IVF which was succesfull but caused more damage. I had to have a hystorectomy, parcial colonoscopy, ureatha removed and cleaned, more laser surgery on my bowel, kidneys, and bladder. They left in my right ovary since i was only 28 but 3 years later i had to have it removed and more laser surgery on everything. I stayed off HRT as long as i could but ive now got ostoparosis. My dr put me onit because of that plus the high chance of having a stroke or heart attack. So i dont know what to do for the best

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Hi Jane. I feel for you, you really have gone through the mill. I cant offer you any advice through my personal experience, but try searching for tags on hysterectomys to find other women who may have had similar experiences to you. Having this procedure will not necessarily get rid of the endo, so perhaps you need referring back to the hospital. I hope that you get some answers and relief from the pain soon. best wishes x

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