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How many months after the laparoscopy should my periods stop being painful???


I had my laparoscopy in Feb 2013, its now April and i have had two extremely painful periods, the last one was the worst ive ever had and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

Is this normal?

I had a large cyst removed from my left ovary, my right ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall and i had lots of endometriotial tissue burnt away from around my ovaries, i also had a die test. The pain after surgery was unbelievable and i could not walk for at least a week but i thought this was supposed to fix the pain. If everything has been burnt away why am i still in pain??

Please help

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Hi there,

I can only speak from my experience and what I'm learning is that it seems so many people have very different expereinces to treatments.

I had my lap in November last year and by January still had a lot of pain - to be honest, more than I had before the lap. I think I underestimated how much time it would take from my body to recover just from the surgery. You've had a lot of work done and I would imagine that at the moment your body is in pain still from the effects of the surgery, let alone any endometriosis pain. When I consider that my scars are still pinky now - I try to imagine the repairing and healing that was going on inside my body - and likely still is, even 5 months later.

My pain did get worse after the lap, even now, but things I think overall had been improving, at least since the first few months after the operation. I think this is quite common for a lot of ladies. I didn't have a true period after my lap due to being on the pill and then having a mirena put in so I'm afraid I don't know what that's like.

I'm so wary sometimes of sharing my individual experience because things may turn out very differently for you - as time goes by things may get better and better. I still feel that 5 months after the lap for me is early to know anything - I haven't had miraculous relief, but I have hope that it will still come.

Basically, I'm trying to say that you are not alone in believing that things would get better after the lap and then finding that they haven't. I would urge you that it is still early days after your procedure and you had a lot of work done, it will take time (longer than we might expect!) just to recover from that. I was remembering this morning the pain in my bladder from where a lot of endometriosis was lasered away which took a particularly long time to heal.

Is your doctor or consultant aware of the struggles you've been having - do you have a follow up appointment and if so would you be able to bring it forward if you need to? It can be helpful to discuss where you're at and see if any more can be done to help you through this time and to check that there isn't anything else going on which may need attention.

I hope this is in some way helpful, I'm sending warmth and support your way.


Thank you so much for your reply.

Its good to know im not the only one still suffering and i really hope that the pain will ease. I have my follow up appointment on the 29th of this month and i know to most people they would say 'well just wait until then before you panic' but as you can imagine the pain ive been through this past week has just taken it all out of me and im now in the frame of mind that i cant be fixed. The surgeon told me the next 6 months for me were vital after the lap for concieving and if unsuccesfull, they would refer me to a fertility specialist. I now have only 4 months before that happens and obviously i havent been succesful in trying to concieve.

The pain seems to be getting worse. My first period was painful but bearable however this last one was just too painful to bear.

I am sad to hear that even with the mirea you still have pain, as i would have thought once taking a contraceptive of some sort that this heals the pain (temporarily of course).

Thank you for sharing your experience and i hope the pain eventually eases for you too


Hi Yellowrose,

Thank you for your input certainly helps to feel your not alone.

I am just wondering do you know more about ttc after lap? They said the next 6 months are vital to me after i had the operation but i was half doped on morphine that i didnt get a chance to ask more questions.

Do you think its standard procedure for every woman to be told the 6months post op are very important in trying to concieve? Ive been trying unsucessfully over a year now. And its so upsetting that even after the lap, nothint is happening. I cant have sex that often due to the pain so its a catch 22.

I cant believe the endo would grow back so fast and my gynacologist is not really that helpful. I think this website has been more helpful than anything.

Dont worry about moaning,i feel like im constantly doing the same thing nowadays but it completely brings down your mood.I have my post op appt on monday 29th but i feel like i need to know everything now to relax my mind slightly

Thanks for your help


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