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Got my laparotomy date - 2 weeks!

After being on the waiting list for 4 months I now have my date for my laparotomy. Open surgery to remove endo and try to rebuild the distal end of my Fallopian tubes. Feeling excited that there is a chance, small chance, that I may be fertile again in a few weeks time!

Finding it hard to balance the hope and excitement with the realism, i.e. that my chances are still going to be slim.

I'm sure this excitement will turn into nerves when I head towards the hospital.

Ladies, how do you feel about your scars?

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I maccerpops, I have had 4 operations, two laparotomies and two laproscopic (each of which required 4 different incisions) and for all the pain and trouble you have been through, they mean nothing. And if you regain your fertiility and fall pregnant, your operation scars will be the least of the markings on your tummy. The lararotomy scar sits where you fold to sit down so is hidden and you probably (unless extremely skinny) have a crease there anyway.

Fingers crossed for you :)


I think my big fear is that it will fail in terms of fertility and I will be left with this big scar always reminding me of my failure to conceive. I am sure in time I would get used to it, no choice really! At the moment I can't even stand to look at my breasts knowing they may never feed a child. I have to remain positive though.


I will keep you in my thoughts and hope things go well for you. I know it helped me to think if I never get pregnant, if I never come to term, if I never have a healthy baby, etc., there are so many in the world who are starving for love and would be thrilled to have me as a mother. I have faith that you will be a great mom one day.


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