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Thought it was all over

I had a full vaginal hysterectomy in December 2012, everything taken away!! I went onto HRT following advice from my consultant and now in April 2013 I am having endo discomfort down my righthand side. I understand that pockets of endo can still be aggravated by HRT. What do I do?? My GP has just prescribed the combined HRT and asked me to try that, but I understood that this was just for women who had a womb which I don't! Very depressed and confused. Anyone had the same experience.

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Endo isn't inside the womb, it might be on the outside, but mostly endo is on everything else except the womb, so a hysterectomy doesn't cure endo, unless that same op also included extensive suregry to remove all the other endo lesions.

The main benefit of a hysterectomy is to stop having periods and period pain cramps, but that is not the same thing as endo and endo pains.

If you have had your ovaries removed too, then it does reduce the oestrogen in the body which is what endo feeds off. By having HRT you are adding it back to the body, and that will feed the endo, AND look after your heart and look after you bone growth etc.

The ovaries are not just there for having babies and producing oestrogen, they have a huge impact on the rest of the body too, so having HRT even if that aggravates the endo, is not something you should stop having other wise you seriously risk have far worse long term health problems.

The remaining endo, the nerve damage from endo, the adhesions from surgery and so on, may still need surgical work on them in the future.

There was a DM article on post hysterectomy pain quite recently:


and read the follow up remarks by one of the countries leading endo specialists.


I've been told post hysterectomy endo lesions can return and grow on the bowel, kidneys, liver and even the brain! I was considering it but it sounds more problematic than anything else. I'm currently taking Provera 3x daily and while it did work initially it doesn't now and I'm going to be starting zolodex next month. Endometriosis needs oestrogen to grow so maybe the hrt is causing the problem? When I was on the combined pill I was in agony and felt much better stopping it. Are you worried about developing osteoperosis? Weight bearing exercises and leafy green veg will strengthen your bones if you are. Best of luck xx


Any surgery can worsen adhesions 'sticky scar tissue' which can pull and tug on adjacent organs and cause nerve pain. I was informed of this by Gps and Gyne's. Hysterectomy where everything is removed will dramatically stem oestrogen which feeds endo. The medical profession are becoming more aware of the notoriously difficult 'tuning' of hormones post hysterectomy. They eventually may give you hormones to address the rapid drop after such major surgery but have to be careful not to give too much oestrogen and balance with progesterone. It's certainly not a guaranteed science! Problems can re occur, you must keep your gyne and gp regularly informed of your current situation as tweaking may be necessary.


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