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End Of Zoladex Injections

Tomorrow is my last Zoladex injection. I was put on it to see if my pain was gynaecological. Well pain been better manageable but definately not to where i am pain free. Has anyone been in same position? I have to go back and see consultant but not got a date does anyone know how long it will take and what will happen next as i am also very worried that the pain will go back up when the injection stops. It's all the unknown, just want a diagnosis.

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I had my last zoladex injection on 30 Jan, still haven't had a period. I have more pains, comes and goes at the moment. I'm booked for surgery on 21 May, hoping I don't get a period before then.

My consultant said the effects of the injections can take months to wear off completely. Hope this helps?


i am due back at the hospital tomorrow after my second course of the zoledex injection i still have one more to go my pain has stopped whilst i have been on this but suffered badly with constipation and hot flushes they put me on the pill to control the hot flushes if i would forget to take the pill i would get pain and start bleeding so i gave up on taking it and suffered the hot flushes. im hoping they are going to sort me a date out for an op to see whats happening as im 25 and want kids do not want to be told i cant have them. been suffering 3 years now just want a long term soultion but its not happening. hope they give you one

sarah x


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