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Just so sick of it all now :(

Hi everyone. Haven't slept properly for the past few day due to the pain. Been crying and been sick with it. I've had the injection that puts you through menopause and the coil fitted and on the pill and about 7 other pain medication yet I'm still bleeding and in so much pain. Doctors just don't seem to listen and make you feel like shit and that you are lying to them. Was speaking to the pain management secretary and they told me I have an appointment in August even though I was meant to see them last December and they cancelled it and I've been waiting since then. I rang the hospital up to see if I can get a sooner appointment and they said I don't have one at all and don't no why I was told August for. Now waiting for a call back to see when I get to see them. Just so sick of it all and the stress is making my pains worse Just feel like screaming. Hope you all are having a better and pain free day xxx

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Hi Lollipop87.

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I have recently had trouble trying to control bleeding, being on 3 different types of medication (two being hormonal) and only just stopped. I was told that it was porstaglandins that causes me to suffer with sickness and I found a study that indicated 100mg a day of B1 vitamin would help. Although I am not supposed to have monthly bleeds, I do have monthly fluctuations in hormones still, so depsite no bleeding, I was getting the monthly sickessn, although this month, after 2 weeks of B1, (but also a reduction in wheat and caffeine and dairy - edo diet) the sickness was much better, and where I would have lost 3 days previously, it was onlya couple of hours in the night and I was able to go to work.

I feel just trying to make adjustments to my situation have given me a sense of power; something I have lacked with my care for the 11 years I have been seeing gynae. Perhaps it might help you?


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