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Feeling sorry for myself

Well its a week today since I had my lap to take away my left cyst, ovary and tube. I am due my period on Sunday and have to say I am starting to get cramping pain now and very constipated. I received a letter from the hospital today to say my cyst was a chocolate cyst and that I also have endo on my rectum, this came as a bit of a shock as I have read that you are in stage 3 or 4 when you have a chocolate cyst and have it on your rectum. I didn't realise how bad my endo was as I was only made aware last week that I had endo. Does this mean I am going to have to have more surgery? Feeling very low and weepy at the minute as its a lot to take in. Am I just feeling sorry for myself or do other ladies feel like this too? I go to see my consultant on the 23 may for management of my endo and really don't know what will happen next. Scary stuff.

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hey...for wat its worth you are not on your own....im 26yrs old ws diagnosed with endo last september...after years of bad periods..i went for a scan and it showed i had a dermoid cyst that had thyroids in...becosi had been egnored i lost my left ovary and fellopian tube it looked like a mushroom curled around...in that operation i was diagnosed with endo...i had multiple patches removed but not all of it... no. one really told me wat was ahead after the op....it was agony...and the first period was bad for me...im a little like you i ache days before a bleed it makes me nervous its coming....the chances are you might have surgery again i have told myself that it will happen...jus braces you alittle....the next step for me was pain management..i have a brill consultant...but still going through the list...at the mo trying accupuncture for the second time..first was horrid...i cant really say its done owt this time...so now its zolarex?? think its called that..menapause at 26...hard to understand...and from wat i know bout endo...feeling sad is part of it...and your rite its alot to take in...im struggling with that my self...soz its not advice but at least you know your not alone with fighting or understanding this....xxxx


Take a day at a time .Rest as much as you can. You are not alone . Xx


Try not to stress too much about staging of endo - it's not like staging of cancer, it doesn't necessarily reflect the state of symptoms. People can have limited endo and loads of symptoms or loads or endo and no pain.

Also, I don't see that feeling sad or depressed is part of endo, it's more like a response to all the hassle we have to go through, and a response to the pain. I find my moods bad when I'm in pain, and then when things are easier my mood improves.

Sometimes people have to have more surgery because the first time round there wasn't a specialist able to deal with it: common in bowel involvement. Sometimes they will want to try other management options like zolodex or the pill. Have a look at the main endo uk website for options so you know what things might be offered.

You are in the early stages of find out what you have so it's going to take some getting used to. Also, I bet for a long time you thought "what's going on" or the classic "I must be mad or a whimp cos no one else seems to moan like me!" Try and focus on the positives - you know what battle you are fighting now.

Try not to get too bogged down what you read on the net, it can be a right world of misery sometimes :)

Have a good restful few weeks recovery now, you have been through a lot xxx


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