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I'm now wondering if I can wait another 5 weeks before hysterectomy. That in itself is probably the least of my worries. Since my last lap in Nov I have had ureter stents insitu because the ureters have become involved with an endo nodule on my rectum. I have just completed course number 7 of antibiotics and am now starting a months course to take me up to op. I'm getting increased discomfort in my upper left side and concerns for the well being of my kidney is another factor in this bloody endo story of mine. Feeling pissed off and knackered now. Does anyone have advice after having stents long term. 6 months is max and its almost time up for them. Just wondering if any ladies can relate to the discomfort after this length of time cheers j xxxx

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Sorry I have no experience or knowledge of stents so am not any use to you.

But wanted to say sorry to hear you are suffering so much and I hope the hysterectomy goes well for you, with a speedy recovery after. x


Squidgy thankyou for your kind post. We all get a down time and mine seems to be now. When i get back to work next week im sure things will be better for me as it will take my mind off it all. I work in a school so the weeks will pass quickly now until d day.So fed up with these stents the ironic thing is the specialists that my Gynea has sent me to for the operation said that he wouldnt have put them in so feel 5 months of problems has been unnecessary,ARGhhh!! Well heres onwards and upwards, hope your in a good place right now.Hugs J xx


Oh J! Can't believe you still have them. You poor thing, no wonder you are stressed out. All I can recommend is that you drink plenty of water. I know the last thing you want is to go to the toilet but the more water you pass, the more bugs you flush out. Stay focussed on the op date, you are so close to being free of them! Are they taking them out during the op, that is brilliant if so? Good luck hun, keep that chin up. Am really feeling your pain. Big hugs, Todds x


Hi Todd yes they're still there!!! I was hoping my op would've been now ish but they've pushed it right to the limit now bang on 6 months! I'm so low with all the UTIs now and my whole back aches. I've got a constant stabbing , twisting pain upper left abdo which GP feels is adhesions and possibly exaggerated more by stents !! My mind races away with other ideas which makes me anxious. Arghhh!! I suppose the more organs the endo invades the more pain you get in other areas. Yes hopefully they will get rid of stents during op however he did mention that he might leave for 10 days post op re healing process as the uretersay be bruised! At least there's a light at the end of tunnel just can't get there fast enough now. Thank you for getting in touch it always helps when someone's familiar, not that I wish any of this on anyone. Hope you're keeping well Jane xx


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