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Hold out for 4 weeks or go for lap ASAP?


Mild-PCOS sufferer, gynecologist thinks i may have Endometriosis due to the pain I am experiencing...as well as some mild pain during bowel moments and sometimes pain during sex..he prescribed me a new pill (Yasim) to see if that helps with pain (in case its PCOS related), but suggested I return in 6 weeks for a lap, he did tell me if the pain was too pain between now and then i should return sooner.. I don't want to rush into this.. but I am experiencing quite a degree of daily stabbing pain in my right hand side (he thinks endo may be in fallopian tubes).. Can anyone advise? Should I hold out / arrange lap sooner? I am 27 and will be TTC next year.

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I think your Dr sounds good! It's a good plan to try contraception change as a first port of call. Obviously it's your choice, but I'd be inclined to go with what they have suggested. I wouldn't try and bring the lap forward. Only you can judge what your pain is like and if it gets better and you decide you don't want the lap that's fine too.

Good luck x

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