Puppy power

Puppy power

2013 so far for me has not exactly been the best. Getting diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and then being told our only chances of having a baby would be through IVF and that I would need major surgery at some point was absolutely heartbreaking. Felt like I've cried a river over the last few months. My family and friends have been so supportive and I couldn't have coped the last few months without them. But as you will all know living with Endo is not easy. The pain, the anticipation of the pain and the worry about the future just turn you into a complete mess.

This week I turn 30 and as an early birthday present my lovely fiancé has brought me a puppy. I was worried at first that he would just add to my stress. I mean a 10 week old puppy needs a lot of attention to stop him chewing up the house and peeing everywhere. And how would I take care of him when I'm doubled up in pain?

Well I have only had him 3 days but can't tell you how my little "Buddy" has changed my life already. He has given me something else to focus on instead of wallowing in self pity. Today my monthly pain has kicked in and I'm dosed up to they eye balls with pain killers and would normally be curled up in bed. But instead im curled up on the sofa cuddling my little man completely stress free.

We have our first IVF consultation today too and I'm feeling quite positive and I put it all down to Buddy. Who would of thought that the power of a puppy would be so strong :)

Hope you are all well ladies xxx

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  • Hi, buddy is gorgeous! I know exactly how you feel I found out I can't have children without looking into IVF as need my tubes removed. There's been tears but my two boys are what keeps me going! Yes they're dogs 2 boxers and I love them ! They snuggle up in bed with me or on sofa when I'm feeling bad its amazing how their little faces perk me up ! I haven't been able to walk them for a couple of weeks since op but before that a short walk took my mind of pain and sometimes loosened up my hip pain, or maybe just distracted me but is nice to have something other than the pain to think of.

    I hope your consultation goes well and buddy behaved while you were out! Xx

  • I am so happy your fiancé bought you a puppy and you found so much happiness with him.

    Thinking of you and hope the consultation goes well. Xx

  • Ah he is so cute - I have two feline fur balls and they really do pick you up when your down (or annoy you to take your mind off it!).

    Good luck with your appointment, let us know how you get on x

  • Now he is a cutie. Dogs are really intuitive, (most of them) they know when you're ill and in pain. It's amazing how helpful they can be. We did have one dog who was thick as two short planks and I'd be surprised if she had any connecting brain cells at all, but apart from her all our other doggies have always been sensitive to me being unwell.

  • He's absolutely fab and was good today while we were out at the IVF clinic.

    Went quite well today. Seems I need to have one of my tubes removed before we can start treatment. Apparently my left tube is filled with fluid and because of that our chances of IVF working are reduced from 60% to 35%. So it's off to see my gynae consultant again to see when he can get me in to remove or clamp my tube because then my chances go back up to 60% :) obviously a bit gutted that we can't start treatment straight away but I'd rather give us the best chance possible especially as we have to fund it ourselves.

  • Hi good little puppy!!! I hope your feeling ok I have to have my tubes removed for same reason as the fluid is toxic, so my theory is its better to start with better odds and fingers crossed all will then go well. Until then buddy will keep you busy and keep you smiling and being relaxed for IVF is supposed to help so I'm sure he will help then too x hope they don't make you wait too long, it the waiting that drives me nuts some days!!

  • So we're in the same boat then lilyflower....you got a date for your op yet then? I work at my local hospital so I'm going see the secretary tomorrow to see if she can get me an appointment ASAP. Keep me updated with how thing are going

  • awwwww your puppy is lovely I would love a little puppy x

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