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should i go to A and E?


I have 3 large large cysts and endo, i am waiting for a op to remove the cysts(waiting list time is 18wks). I have been doing the endo diet for months and the pain was get better.

But for the past few days omg the pain has come back, got back ache, deep pain, stabbing, cant got the loo, hurts when having wee, the list goes on:(.

The thing is i dont know what to do, i have rang the specialist receptions and just get a voice mail saying not in office, ive tried the cancellations receptionist and her phone is switched to answer machine....i am sooooo mad, should i just got to A and E??

thank x

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Hi samantha, have you been to your GP to ask them about symptoms, it is quite urgent if you feel you can't go to the loo and also the pain. I went to A and E once between a scan which showed an ovarian mass and an appointment and they sent me away, I later found out that the mass had burst and bled into my abdominal cavity, I reaaly wish now they had seen me then and put me through for an emergency op. Only you can know whether the symptoms are bad enough to go to A and E, I wish you all the best xx


If the pain is uncontrollable or really bad then yes please do xx


Hi spice47 and emmashead, thank you for your messages. I think i will ring the doctors to she what she has to say. thankyou again x


Hi ladies,

Thank you again just a little update. I got through to specialists receptionist and told her about pain etc, she went and spoke to a gyno who said i need to go to A and E, she said the gyno is worried that the cysts may have move or are twisting and i need to be checked over.

So off i went to A and E was seen within half hour. the doctor checked me over asked me the normal questions told him, looked at me like a was stupid and said he didn't think anything had ruptured, i don't think he believed i had cysts, he said that he was going to see if he could get my last scans from nov 2012.

So back he came with my scan and he was a completely different person once he had looked at them, he was really worried because one of the cysts was 10cm! another 7 1/2cm and 3cm (chocolate cyst). said i had to stay in over night and have another ultra sound. Also said its not good that i cant go loo and gave me laxatives and painkillers.

Next day i spoke to the doctor and she said that they need to do a ultra sound and then decide if i need to have emergency surgery, doctor checked over my new ultra sound found out that the 3 cysts were all endo (not just one which i was told ) also looks like i have a lot of endo in lower part of pelvis said its a really bad case and wont know until i have op. Also said i cant have op do this week because there is no bed available, we can give you meds to help with pain and will have to wait till my date come through in June!! (im getting married end of july which i told them in sept at first appointment) also looks like it wouldn't be a straight forward lap its going to be open surgery. well i was like i cant handle this pain for that long and i have a wedding booked and paid for!;(

She said we could freeze your ovaries and stop them working or find another way till after your wedding i said NO, get me a cancellation please. she said there is no cancellation/ beds??! At this point she said i will speak with your specialist (who was on hol) came back and said your penciled in for 7 may. which is fantastic news also wanted me to stay in another night and a prostap injection but i said i wanted to go home.

going to have the injection at doctors,got some strong pain killers and laxatives too thank god. story over:) for now xxx


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