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Should I have follow-up appointments?

I was diagnosed with minimal endo in November last year after having a lap to remove a cyst from my ovary. At my 6 week check-up my consultant said that he didn't need to see me again until I wanted to try for a baby, does this sound about right as I'm currently experiencing very painful periods after they put me back on the combined pill and almost constant lower back pain.

I'm not sure whether I should be going for regular check-ups with my consultant to see if everything is ok or if I should just be left to my own devices?


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To be honest honey it sounds quite normal! It's not like suffering from diabetes where they want to monitor your blood all the time, or having a growth than can be treated, with endo its just more about managing the symptoms I'm afraid!

If you have been on the pill for more than 3 months and you aren't improving go back and see your GP and see about changing to a different pill. You could also look at the endo diet - loads of people find this helpful. To be honest the best thing is to stop your body growing/aggravating endo, which is by using contraceptives constantly (the mirena coil is well rated, but the is also the implant and the injection). The other option (if contraception isn't working) is gnhr like zolodex and prostap, but that's often used when everything else has been tried.

Hope that helps and don't hesitate to keep going to your GP, hope you sort something out soon x

P.s. Really sorry for my inaccurate descriptions of endo - it's just how Im used to explaining it, and I'm not good at explaining!x


gynaecologists are there for when you need surgery. your GP is there for all the meds you might like to try, to manage the pain and bleeding.

For this reason alone it pays to find an informed and sympathetic GP that specialises in womens health and hopefully endo too.


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