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I think i have endo :(

For the past five months i have been suffering from pelvic pain. I find the pain difficult to describe. It is mostly where the hip joint is but sometimes can be felt just under my ribs and sometimes i have back pain too (kidney area).

My periods are regular have a 25/26 day cycle and i have some clotting. I dont have bad period pain but do get very tired the day before my period.

The pain came on suddenly and was a dull achey pain to begin with, sometimes it would be painful at night and i found it difficult too sleep. It has got better over the last 2 months and i only feel the pain now when i sneeze, cough, bend over or stretch too much. When the pain comes it feels like all the muscles in my stomach are pulling and it feels bruised inside.

I would describe the pain as mild until one of the things above happens then its moderate. The symptom im finding the hardest is fatigue. Im constantly tired and struggling at work because of this.

I have been for an ultrasound which showed nothing, had a ca125 blood test which was fine and had other blood tests (kidney,liver,anaemic) which came back ok.

Tomorrow i have an appointment with the consultant so i guess i will find out a bit more.

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Could be adhesions (scar tissue) which has attached itself between organs sticking them together. These can tug and strain with swelling or exercise.

Need not be caused by endo, any injury or trauma can cause adhesions to start to develop and there is nothing to stop them as it is scar tissue. They can be cut back but they will grow again.

The consultant might want to give you a diagnostic lap op to check if there is any endo present that might be causing your symptoms.

From your description it doesn't to me sound like classic endo, but that doesn't mean it isn't endo as the only way to be sure is a lap op. You might be lucky and find out that it's just adhesions and have thise cut right back for a while and have some kind of barrier put in to prevent two organs sticking back together again.

Endo pain in my experience doesn't require any straining, sneezing etc to be very painful. I can be doing nothing at all and wham within a very short space of time I am cramped up and almost in tears. Mine isn't even something I could describe as a bruise, as my bruises don't hurt unless I do something like knock them or press them, whereas my endo pain doesn't need to be stimulated to be ragingly sore.

It just bleeds when the hormones tell it to bleed and that bleeding irritates the organs that the blood lands on and it gets very painful at times. Expecially at ovulation and during periods.

hopefully your appointment will enable you and the doc to discuss possible treatments, to see if anything can improve the syptoms you do have, whether it is endo or something else.


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