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Zoladex implants not worked! HELP


I'm 39 and was diagnosed with servere endometriosis last June through a laparoscopy!

My gyni put me on 6 months of zoladex injections to put me in the menopause for upto

5 years! Whilst I had hot sweats and mood swings it was worth it cause I had more energy and was pain free. I had my last implant in January, saw gyni in feb who said I was in menopause now and discharged me! I lasted 2 months after the last implant and now got my periods back Grrrrr. I'm in so much pain again and dont know what to do next. I'm going to See my doctor on Tuesday to see what she says but I can't put up with these pains and long/heavy periods again. I'm a swimming teacher so it makes the long periods worse! Can anyone give me some advise please?

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You have been spun a yarn... And didn't do your homework.

Zoladex only lasts while you are on it. Then it wears off and as soon as it starts wearing off your ovaries are supposed to kick start again. For some women that can take as long as 5 months, for many it is much sooner, and for a tiny number their ovaries fail and they do not restart again.

I suspect you got confused with the Mirena Coil, which is placed inside the uterus and takes about 5 months to start working and then when it does, it can stop you having periods for UP TO five years from when it went in. But that can be any time up to 5 years.

My mirena (loved it by the way) stopped my periods for just over 1 year and then it stopped working and my periods returned, now I am having to get a new one put in.

There are arm implants called nexaplon which last up to 3 years once they get going.

But the GnRH drugs only have the power to work while the pellet that has been plonked inside the tummy has any drug left in it. After the last implant of zoladex you have to wait 4 months before getting pregnant as the drug is so dangerous to developing babies.

But meantime your periods can return from 4 weeks after the next implant was due, if you had had it. Mine restarted as soon as it could and so did yours.

Others wait a bit longer.

They are ridiculously expensive wastes of NHS money in my view. They do not cure or stop endo permanently. They will only work while the drug is active, and then just pause the endo in suspended growth until the drug is stopped or runs out. Pointless really.

6 months is the maximum recommended in a lifetime unless you have cancer. They are cancer drugs.

I do recommend the mirena coil if you haven't yet tried that. When it does get going, and stops periods it is very liberating, but there is not definite timescale for how long that will last, but at least you are not drugged up to the gills as you would be on GnRH drugs.

Some ladies report side effects with mirena, but I haven't had any issues with it, other than it failed too soon for my liking.

Won't stop me having another put in, and again waiting 5 months for it to start working.


As Impatient has said, unfortunately you've been given misleading information. Zoladex is a like a pause button, it shuts everything down whilst you are on it but as soon as its worn off (usually within weeks) you are effectively back to square one unless you are one of the very few women whose ovaries fail to kick back in. It's benefit is really only pain relief whilst you are on it or if having it before surgery it can be helpful in dampening everything down before the surgery. In fact, the licence for Prostap (same idea as zoladex but different brand) clearly states that its effect is only management of endo as pain relief and reduction of adhesions.

There is no way that a gynae would have been able to say with any certainty in february, only a month after your last injection, that you were in permenant menupause. Based on that I would say your gyane is not overly experienced with these drugs and endo and you may be best to try to get a second opinion.

I havent had the mirena so cant comment on that but I have previously had the implant in my arm, this worked fine for me as contraception (except looks like I didn't actually need it for that anyway!) but as far as I'm aware it does not stop your periods unless you are really lucky with it, I was on it for over 2 years and my periods were as regular as clockwork and its been the same for my friends that are on it. One big negative for me though is it increases the risk of ovarian cysts and when I had it out I discovered that I had 2 large cysts so I wouldnt recommend it on that basis.

I hope you get a chance to properly discuss the options with your doctor and work out a plan to manage things that works for you.

Hayls x

mirena increases risk of cysts too Hayls. I had one burst in November, almost a year after my periods stopped, and about 6 months after a scan which showed there were no cysts in me at that time. I'm pretty sure it refilled or I have a new one now, but i'm still awaiting a scan to be sure. That will be overriden by the fact I need my mirena replacing, so perhaps while I'm getting the mirena sorted out they'll actually get round to scanning my suspicious one remaining ovary for attached aliens too.

My friend's been on arm implants for a few years since her daughter was born, bad delivery and she didn't want another pregnancy after that one, and it did stop her periods, so I'm only speaking from her experience as I've not tried it myself. I'm happy to have Mirena No.2.

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