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Why am I still getting pain whilst pregnant?

I am grateful that despite endo and PCOS I am not affected by infertility, although conception was by no means fast. I am 14 weeks pregnant with my 3rd miracle. Just before conceiving this baby I had a bad flare up of endo and was in the process of getting a lap to see the extent of it. Obviously that was cancelled when I realised I was pregnant, so I don't know exactly how bad the endo is, although I have suffered with it for about 18 years undiagnosed until last year. My concern now is that I am still experiencing some of the pain I felt during the recent flare up and I'm worried about how it could be affecting my pregnancy. The Dr told me that pregnancy should take away all the symptoms, including the pain and indeed, that was the case during my last two pregnancies. Oddly it seems there is a direct link between the pain and my stress levels too - something I noticed before conception as well as now.

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HI and congrats to the new baby thats growing happily :)

I doubt that the endo flare ups would effect the pregnancy although the pain would be the hurdle.... i know i get awlful pain so to control the pain effectively and safe for you and the growing bub is what i would be discussing with the dr.....

Stress and pain yep i agree they go hand in hand with me as well ....


If you have adhesions from the endo, and you now have a growing baby stretching and straining the adhesions which will tug on whatever organs they are stuck too it really will hurt.

So not directly endo pain, but as the adhesions are probably there due to the endo. there is a link.

That's why they advise best time to conceive is after a lap op where the adhesions have been cut right back where possible, so that a growing baby doesn't put too much pressure on the existing adhesions.


Wow! Congratulations your story just boost my energy, you are a living testimony. I really don't know anything about pregnancy and endo.


Thanks so much for your responses. I feel reassured that it's not harming the baby at least. I can put up with some pain so long as the baby is safe. I'll try the walking :)

I wish you all the best with your own journeys and I'm pleased that my good news has given you a boost too.



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