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Sex, fertility and lube

Does anyone else have issues with vaginal dryness? This is something that has only come about over the last three years or so and I am wondering if it is endo, hormones or just age (38). We use lube and this concerns me as we will be trying to conceive in a few months time (after tubal surgery). Our chances are slim anyway so I don't want something like this to get in the way!

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I'm currently TTC and researched a lot about lubricants and conception. One of the very few that dont kill majority of the sperm is Preseed. I currently use this one, have a look online and give it a try. I cant tell you about any results yet as this is our first month trying!

All the other lube are considered to decrease the chances of conception.

Good luck to both of us! And lots of baby dust! :D xxx


there is one called conceive plus which is a lube that doesn't kill sperm, it's meant to help with conceiving but not sure on results(although had good reviews) I got it online but we have stopped ttc until after my lap as I had an ectopic and fear the endo may have caused this and don't want another one. You can get it online. All the best for you both xx


Omg!! I thought I was going mad! Since my lap in dec I haven't been able to get as moist as I used to and I was thinking it was my partner and our spark has gone, thank you for this post you've made my day! I just hope it works, I'd love to conceive but unfortunately my condition has left me with onli one option .. Ivf!

I wish u all the luck in the world petal xxx


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