My Doctor has given me Amitriptyline 10mg to help me sleep at night and help the pain, is this drug good? and has it helped any of you? He says if it doesnt help he will have to put me on morphine All your reviews will be very helpful xxx

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  • Hiya LadyA

    Before I was referred to the hosp and diagnosed with Endo my doctor gave me Amitrypytline 10mg for the pain and if I'm totally honest I truly hated it. As much as it helped me sleep I was so, so drowsy all the time and was not with it at all and that was just on the 10mg! Obviously it'll be different for everyone so it's defs worth a try but I couldn't stand it and took myself off it. Although I can imagine it would be much better than morphine! Painwise I did notice my pain was less but it did not go altogether.

    Hope this helps and hope it works for you :)
  • Thank you, ive had it before but for other reasons! so i dont no how it will work with the pain! but it knocked me out and i missed 2 days of work cos i was as i say it 'off my face'! Will see if it helps if not then ill have to go back to my docs!! jut wanna be good for my bday on friday and xmas day xx
  • Ah right I see, I'd never had it before and it proper knocked me sick was awful :( I reckon it'll help your pain though, it did ease mine but like I say the only reason I stopped taking it was cos I was off my face all the time too haha was so hard to get up and when I was awake I was just drowsy all the time. Hopefully it will work for you so that you can have a relatively painfree birthday and christmas and not be half asleep for it :) xxx
  • Yeh i do hope so, but how i was last time i have a feeling its not gonna be a very good friend to me lol!!! xxx
  • Yeah I know what you mean lol I hope it is though!! You could always not take it the night before your bday and on christmas eve or is the pain really bad that you need it? Cos if you dont take it the night before those dates then hopefully you wont be as drowsy lol xxx
  • its also to help me sleep so i may need to take it, recently im wide awake till 6 am!! And i only get about 3 hours sleep!!! xx
  • aww no thats awful, how come? i recently had a bout of not being able to sleep for ages on a night but now i find im sleeping too much its ridiculous lol xxx
  • Im having awful pains, my pain killers (tramadol, naproxin ibuprofen, paracetomol) are just not touching it!!! Keeps me up all night! But at least once a week i have a massive 16 hour a sleep and at least once a month im completely bed bound!! Such a nuiscence xxx
  • wow i can't believe you're on that many painkillers! paracetamol doesn't touch me but i can't take anything else cos of other tablets i'm on but although i get bad pains it's bearable whereas yours doesn't sound like that :( i feel awful for you poor you! there must be something else they can do :/ xxx
  • How long do they normallytake to kick in? I took it about an hour ago and still nothing!! Have another feeling its going to be a sleepless night!! my doc said i can take up to two? is it a good idea if i take another?? xxx
  • am not sure, i think it was a day or two for me i don't think it would kick in straight away unfortunately :/ my mum has 10mg amitryptylene and she takes two and if your doctor has said you can then i don't see why not, although i would start by just taking one for a few nights then see how you feel then bump it up to two maybe. hope you managed to sleep xxx
  • I did manahe to have a lovely sleep! But it didnt help with the pain at all :( xx
  • Hi
    I also take these along with tramadol and codydramol. I only take them when I know I can't sleep. I started with one but that didn't do much so went on to two about an hour before bed. Can't really say they helped with the pain, but I certainly slept well. I think the tramadol makes me feel worse, to the point where if I take 4 in 1 day, by 10pm I start to feel woozy and sick to the point where I have to make myself sick.

    I hope you sleep better before your birthday and christmas xx
  • A doctor gave me Amitriptyline once to see if it would help with my severe tension headaches a few years ago.....I hated it too, I can take a mixture of strong drugs and they rarely make me drowsy but those made me feel like I was never 'awake' properly and like everything was in slow motion. Horrible.....but saying that I suppose we are all different and react differently. I'm currently taking paracetomol, tramadol and napraxen. x
  • Hey ive been on it for a couple of days and i feel no different!! still cant sleep, and still in pain, not drowsy or sleepy at all and im talking 20mg a day when before i had it, it knocked me out, but this time nope nothing at all!!! xx
  • Hi... I took this for 8 months.. It takes at least 4-6 wks to take full effect.I found if you take it straight after your evening meal or even a little earlier the drowsy effects the nxt day are not as bad. It helped with the pain a little.. But always slept well after taking it for a few wks xx
  • Hi all

    at the endo uk conference a pain specialist said that you have to take it for 3-4 weeks to allow it to get in to your system
    It works by blocking the signals between the source of pain and your brain. Given in the low dosage it helps may people with chronic pain conditions.

    there is another one beginning with an N that works in the same way.

    give it time - I did take it for a while before my hysterectomy , I didnt take it for long though due to my op being brought forward

    Take care
  • I took it for a while before my last lap and it was great. The drowsiness only lasted for about 3 days (hangover type feeling) and then it really helped with the pain and sleep,
    I tried pretty much everything prior as well (tramadol, cocodamol, diclofenac, naproxen, etc etc). Amitriptyline has worked the best for me so far as a longer term measure, tramadol until I can't manage on that any more.
  • I have been taking Amitriptyline for about six months and have no problems if I only take it at night. This helps me to sleep through. However, when I took it during the day (I'd missed a dose from the night before), I was so drowsy and sleepy I felt awful so now I only take it at night x
  • Ive just started on Amitriptyline a couple of days ago, i find its helped with the pain, but i feel so drowsy i hope it wears off once its in my system. xx
  • I had my dose higher now as the one i hd was not touching me at all, it now helps me sleep, but still bd pains, but 1 out of 2 isnt bad x
  • ive been taking it for a month now it helps a bit with sleep but not with pain I too am taking tramadol, naproxin, provera and paracetamol to try and help.


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