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I'm 46, still suffering after a hysterectomy anyone else similar age still with endo??

Hi ladies, I've had a full hysterectomy, two years later cysts on ovaries so they went. I was only ever able to have one child ( now I know why) anyway my womb was stuck to everything severe endo, luckily my surgeon lasered a lot. After the cysts, he washed all my pelvic organs and sent me on my way, I didn't know till the cysts were discovered on my ovaries it was endo, and they didn't make a big deal about it. Anyway I was on HRT for 7 yrs got severe migraines so came off HRT in January thinking stop delaying the inevitable and go through the change! Well I had a big shock 6 weeks ago which was upsetting and stressed me out big time, the next day I swelled up and look like I'm heavily pregnant and the abdominal pains were unreal, I'm peeing constantly and shattered all the endo symptoms I've seen here, I'm now waiting for a scan, but my doctor says at 46 it won't be the endo, it could be IBS. Well I know it's the endo does anyone else have similar circumstances as my dr says it's rare at my age? Xxx

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Hi J

Unfortunately once we have endo, we have endo regardless of age and what they take away from us like a hyster etc. I think it can get better once the menopause has happened but not for everyone. I am sure naturally at 46 though you are more than likely too young to have gone through it. I know a lady who is the same age as you are and she had a hyster 10 years ago but kept her ovaries and her endo is back. She gets all the endo symptoms but she had endo inside of her womb, resulting in her hyster. There are some older ladies on this site, and they are still having problems, but I stress not for everyone. I hate this disease its a life wrecker, sorry for the negative reply its not what any of us want to hear. Hopefully one day there will be light at the end of the tunnel X


Hi W, no not at all. Thank you for your reply, I thought this was the case, my Dr threw me a little with her comments. I am going through the change at the moment as I came off my HRT in January. I've suffered this since I was 14, no unfortunately I am not alone. Cheers once again for your reply xx


Can I suggest a couple of books to you that I read which I found to be very interesting:

Estrogen Dominance by Dr Michal Lam and

The Miracle of bio-identical hormones by Michael E Platt.

It seems that forward thinking doctors are making a connection between endo and hormonal migranes and post natal depression, fybromyalgia, osteoporosis, fibroids etc to a hormone imbalance. Not because we have too little estrogen but because there is too little progesterone compared to estrogen. It will explain your headaches and many things us ladies go through including endo. Doctors generally presribe estrogen as HRT but in fact it is probably progesterone that is needed. Apparently we never stop making estrogen because once the ovaries cease, we have it stored in fat cells and it is also coming through food and environmental plastics etc, whereas progesterone does decline, particularly at the menopause which is what causes most of the symptoms. Drs continue to prescribe estrogen and the progesterone in synthetic HRT does not work in the same way as natural progesterone.


Hi Stevie, yes I've read about this somewhere & it makes sense. I agree with you! Thanks for the info I shall certainly take a look at these books. Thanks for the reply too ;0)


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