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After a private consultation can you be referred straight to a specialists NHS surgical list?


Hi, I have had a private consultation before and was supposed to be put straight onto the specialists surgical nhs list but my GP said I would need an NHS clinic appointment first. I am hoping to go and see another new specialist privately but only if I can go straight onto the surgical list, if not I may as well wait for an nhs clinic appointment. Has anyone else done this please? Did you get straight onto the list? Or is my GP correct? Thanks everyone!

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Good morning, i did the same i went privete and asked to be put on the nhs wating lisy adter and that was done for me i wated about 6 to 8 weeks after. its is pocible to do so maybe your GP is a little confused. i must say i had to really fight for my treatment so do some research and go in with knowlege of what you can have done and fite for it. good luck with it x

Thanks for the reply, that's what I thought too, I think I wasn't added to the list last time because it was too long, will speak to the GP on Thursday x

Hello. I was fed up of being fobbed off by my gps so I went to bupa for a private consultation who advised and was adiment I have endometriosis. unfortunately you have to go back into the system. she wrote to my gp suggesting I saw an endometriosis specialist and to get treatment asap as I've been left to suffer for too long. I went to see my gp to get referred as per letter and she was trying to fob me off again. I kicked off and said I wouldn't leave until I got a referral. I got what I wanted in the end. it's been confirmed and I'm waiting for surgery. if I didn't go private, I would never had known and would have been left to suffer for even longer. 10 years had been long enough for the nhs to keep fobbing me off. its all down to budgets and targets and with it not been life threatening, we get left to suffer with serious pain. it's unfair. always fight and put your foot down. its within our rights we get correct treatment. I got referred in 4 weeks after my tantrum with my gp. I got offered counseling and antidepressants too! it's crazy we have to behave like a mad person to get heard.

keep your head high and keep fighting. we know our bodies better then anyone.

good luck and best wishes.

I went for a private consultation and asked about this, but the consultant told me my GP would need to refer me back to the NHS. Because I'm being seen at a specialist endo centre I had to wait almost 4 months for my appointment, and now 6 months for surgery.

oh, I was hoping this wasn't the case. Do you mind me asking which endo centre this was? Thanks

Yep it was UCLH. In my case I needed extra tests before surgery, perhaps if it was straightforward they'd consider adding you straight to the list. It might be worth speaking to your chosen consultant's secretary :-)

You shouldn't need to no, I saw a private specialist and there and then he put me on the list. No more was said about it, I then got a pre-op assessment a few weeks after at the NHS hospital xx

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