lower back pain??

Hey, I am experiencing lower back pain on the right hand side and i have had two laparoscopys and they have lazerd away cysts and adhessions but the pain hasnt got any better.. it is constant and has totaly put my life on hold!! i am due for another laparoscopy in january and they are moving my womb as it is tilted too far back.. Does anyone else have this problem or any advise? Cheers :o)

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  • I have really bad lower back pain, it hurts so bad that even in bed i cant get comfortable at all! I use a TENS machine that helps a little but not alot, and im on so many pain killers that d0nt do much either! And i have a lap in january too! Hope it goes well for you!! a hot water bootle eases it alittle, just not loads :( xx

  • I agree, a hot water bottle helps a lot, especially at night. I go to an see an acupuncturist, it helps ease my back and hip pain as having a retroverted and retroflexed (caused by adhesions), right sided unicornate uterus causes my lower back and right hip to hurt especially during the luteal phase and periods. Also have you tried going to a yoga? This has helped lessen the pain too. x

  • I am scared to try yoga to be honest - I feel like the more i do the more i will hurt!?!?! My consultant seems to think it isnt an endo problem or related but i have read a lot of women suffer this with endo. Totally frustrated. I see my specialist on Monday to discuss what happens next. I dont think he will do another Lap and will just fob me off to a pain group. I cant work at the moment and i feel in limbo. Desperatly want my life, energy and happiness back. STRUGGLING :( Thank you for your messages :) x

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