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Not mentioned pelvic. Pain to consultant will it hinder my op?

Hi I went to see gp over the last year from different problems pain in my groin, sickness, painfully sex ect. I've got poly cystic overies so my gp sent me for scans which they found a couple of small fybroids and thinking of my cirvic lining then I was refurred to Gynaecology who after 2 very thorough examination and questions decided I would have a lap done and that she thinks I got emdo! I'm having it done in a few weeks but the one thing I didn't discuss is my pelvis pain and this why- when I was pregnant with my first I had SPD and I had a bad labour and they delivered my son by forceps and had to put my legs up in stirrups twice and anyone with SPD this is a no no coz it makes the pain worse and causes damage! So 4 years down the line and a little physio after my second child I was told I would always have to live with the pain in my pelvis! Even though it has got a lot more worse over the last year it's only now I'm getting the op that I realised my problems are so similar to emdo and the pelvis pain being a main part!!! But I never mentioned this to my Gynaecologist who will be doing my op and no worried she will miss something coz I've not said anything about my pelvis which on some days I'm in so much pain I can hardly walk! I get pain everyday and over the years I've learnt to live with the pain but over the last couple of months I've been living of strong co-codamol not good! So can anyone put my mind at rest thinking the op is going to help! Thanks

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Your surgeon should have seen your medical records, but even so, you should mention in the pre op conversation with the gynae ward nurse, all your previous medical condtions. it's a very thorough question and answer session. She will then decide what's relevant to tell the surgical team.

It shouldn't affect the actual op itself, but it might have a bearing on how they handle you for the op. whether they use stirrups etc.

There are women with loose pelvic girdles that have surgery and while an op for endo is not likely to reduce the pain and symptoms cause by the SPD, any pain from endo could be reduced if they find it and can treat it with excision or lasers.

They can also cut away adhesions that may have formed on your lower organs and free them up which can also reduce pain in the longer term once you have recovered from the surgery itself. Don't hide other medical conditions. The surgical team doesn't want you to be in a worse state after an op than you would be anyway so it is best to make sure they are aware of the situation, same applies to the ward staff who will be looking after you post op.

they might decide to give you a catheter to save you making too many early trips to the loo while your body settles down. (and it's fab not having to get up for a pee)


Thank you this is very helpful I've got a pre pop assessment next week so I will talk to them about it! I just didn't even consider it may be part of my problems having the pain in my pelvis! So thankyou for help fingers crossed all will be ok in the end!


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