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no energy after Laparoscopy

i had my lap 2 weeks ago and had to have my sick note extended another week because i am feeling so incredibly tired. has anyone felt the same so long following a lap? I have been walking a little and doing light housework to build up my energy but I just feel so washed out. I am bleeding a little and not sure if it's my period or because i also had a mirena coil fitted during the lap. I have been getting some nasty cramps as well. I am worried about being ready for work next week already...

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Hi, sorry to hear you're feeling like this, I just wanted to say that I found the same thing after my lap, completely wiped out and fatigued. I still feel very tired a lot of the time but have better days. It did get better to the point where I could work regularly (more often than not anyway!). When I told my registrar about it I'm afraid he was fairly unhelpful saying there wasn't much he could do. I've just had a coil fitted and the cramps are different to endo pain I'm used to so it might be that causing your cramps. Please don't feel bad about taking any time you need to rest if you are able to, a lap is still surgery and an upheaval for your body and we all recover differently, I think the anaesthetic alone gives your body a lot to deal with afterwards. I hope you start to feel less fatigued soon.


I ended up having my doctors note extended twice and had a total of 4 weeks off work. It wasn't what I expected but I most defiantly needed end it. Don't rush back to work until you feel fully ready. I was only recieving SSP while I was off so was very concerned about money. Looking back now it took me longer to heal in the long run by returning to work too soon as at the time my job was very physically demanding.

Take the time you need and build your strength up slowly.


i can't comment on whether your pain is from your lap, as i'm having my first lap in two weeks time, but i can give my view on mirena, and the first 6 weeks i had excruciatingly bad cramps, and the bleeding was all over the place too, mine has been in since july 2011, it took about 15 months before it really did settle down, as i was bleeding pretty much every day - it hasn't really reduced the pain at all but it reduced my blood flow as when on period i was pretty much housebound, bathroom bound a lot of the time - my mirena is being removed when they do my lap, and i will have an endometrial ablation instead, i'm having real mixed emotions about it all though as this ablation was agreed back in july when i was still having major problems with the mirena, now i think it is probably ok, but i have had some hair thinning which i don't know is down to stress or the hormone in the mirena.

i hope you feel well very soon, dont feel rushed going back to work, make sure you're ready, everybody is different in how they recover from surgery, and you don't get anymore appreciation from your employers by being a hero and going back to work sooner than you should - take care xxx


thanks for the advice ladies - I am still feeling very tired and weak. The cramps have subsided a little - but I am pretty sure it's the mirena as they do feel "different" to the endo cramp pain I was having before the lap. It feels especially painful before a BM - a lot of pressure type pain..wonder if that's normal? hoping I will feel better to go back to work next week, I know I should take more if I don't feel up to it but I am so worried about being moaned about behind my back (that's the kind of environment I work in - if anyone takes a single day off they get moaned about!).


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