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What happens from here?

Been a bad weekend.afta being out all day with my hubby I got home around 5pm.i ended up in severe pain and was down the out of hours docs as an emergency by 11pm.they confirmed i have a water infection but altho that its highly likely I have endo so that explained the amount of pain I was in.so I came away with antibiotics and told to see my gp first thing Monday morning.thankfully I managed to get into see my gp on Monday morning.i went down and explained everything to her and she sent me straight to the hospital to get sorted as I was in tears.the consultant I saw also agreed after examining me that this is highly likely to be endo given all my symptoms and the next step is now laproscopy.but this has to go through the consultant who originally had my referrl so was sent home with tramadol and diclofenac! My gp did an expedite letter to the consultant and hopefully tomoro she will agree to see me sooner.ive been waiting since last October to be seen and dealt with.any advice or help is much appreciAted!x

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Hi, I was in hospital three times until a doctor decided to refer me for a lap, I to was in so much pain and was getting fobbed off with urine infection, gyae at my hospital said I was constipated !!! Idiots, I then had a cysts on my right side that burst (very painful), pain then started on other side. I was referred Boxing Day and lap was done on feb 12th, I phoned and phoned the consultants secretary and kept nagging. I had a cysts removed and endo burned and coil taken out. Three months of hell but think I'm on the mend just got to deal with a British cold oh three weeks after lap and feeling better bit twingy x


Aw glad u have finally got sorted! The doctor wanted to put the coil in yday but I refused.the thought of it literally goes through me,ive heard many a bad thing about it and I want the problem dealt with not masked!!! I'm 27 in August and I have had so many problems from a young age.my hubby has had a vasectomy afta our second child was born.i never want any more children and def don't want to b pumped with hormones.i did tell the doctor yday I wud happily have everything removed if it ment I was pain free Long term but undortunatly I have to get 3 consultants to agree before they will agree to that it even a partial one!! Bloody fed up isn't the word !!!


just nag nag nag them, even on a good day i had pain in my left side all the time- Its funny that i never had much problem before coil was fitted, hurt like hell when they put it in, my bloody pressure is normally low that shot up and then down so kept fainting, glad its gone, GP has put me on the pill for three solid months and then will have short gaps for short periods/bleeds.

You to could have a cyst and endo, just hope you havent got to wait to long. Best of luck x


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