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Armpit pain anyone?

Hi, I was diagnosed with endometreosis in September 2012. I am on Zoladex treatment which is really helping but I am still getting symptoms as the drug wears off one of which is pain in both armpits radiating to the shoulders and breast area. Is this common? is anyone else experiencing these symptoms? I would be very grateful for your comments

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Not impossible that it is drug related though the location of pain is a new one to me, i wouldn't put anything beyond the reach of zoladex.

You have lymph nodes and sweat glands in the arm pits. Not much else.

If you have a cold or flu or are getting over such a common bug then it cold be that your lymph nodes are overwhelmed fighting off infection and have flared up, just like they can do in the groin and just under your ears in the neck.

Because of the hot flashes and all the sweating that you do above normal levels, this might impact on the sweat glands, be sure to keep yourself well hydrated, drinking much more than you do normally. Frequent sips of plain water throughout the day will help.

sore armpits can be something and nothing, so if you cannot think of any recent or current infection that might be causing it, have a word with your GP.


Thanks, when you're in pain logic goes out of the window! I think you're probably right in saying the Zoladex could be a contributory factor. I have also been extremely thirsty drinking 2-3 bottles of water a day

I see my consultant on Monday and it is probably worth a mention as its starting to impact daily activities again. I guess the symptoms as my injection wears off is there to remind me that the endometreosis is not giving up that easy!

Thanks for replying I really appreciate it :)


Hi, I know this is an old post but I'm wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this? Im having a similar issue. Thank you


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