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I can't control my temperature!

I am currently waiting for an appointment for a lap and have already been diagnosed with PCOS. Aside from all the problems with pain and really bad fatigue, i have been having awful night sweats and now during the day i am hot/cold, hot/ cold and i just don't know where i am or what to do! Im not on any kind of pill/ hormone treatment and the doctor dosn't want to do anything until i've had the lap. I feel like i've had the flu for 6 months! Has anyone else experienced this?

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oh bless ya that all sounds familiar, the pain, fatigue. I have suffered from hot/cold hot/cold, and the night sweats but for a little while it has not been as bad. Hopefully it will settle down for you. Endo symptoms can fluctuate.

I hope you get an appointment soon for the Lap and get some answers soon.

Sorry I cannot be of much help. But I hope it helps that you know that you are not alone. x


Totally echo everything Squidgy says. I have always put it down to my pcos, but whatever it is, it's often hormone related (or as a reaction to the pain).

Good luck honey, it's not pleasant but you aren't alone x


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