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Can endo get better without treatment?

Morning everyone,

As far as I can tell endo is a chronic condition that won't get better without treatment, even then it is nigh on impossible to get rid of.

Would I be right in saying this?

The reason I ask is because I have absolutely no faith in my GP or Gyne consultant and I feel that I may have been misdiagnosed.

Here's my story...

My endo symptoms only started during the first period after my 3rd miscarriage. I just put it down to the miscarriage and didn't go to the docs about the symptoms. My next period was horrific, this was put down to a possible uterus infection.

The following period, again, was unbearable. Went back to the doctors to literally be told "It's standard period pain, what do you want me to do about it"

It was only when I went back for the third time that I was then sent to gyne, who diagnosed me with endo by my symptoms only (no lap).

Over the last 6 months I have had strange lumps of tissue passing in my period, I have gone to my gp who only said "Don't worry about it." But the even stranger thing is that in the last 6 months, 3 of my periods have been virtually pain free...

I did not have a D&C after my last miscarriage so my concern is that I haven't miscarried properly and this is what's causing my symptoms.

It would also explain why I haven't been able to fall pregnant in the last 2 years. Although, endo would explain that too.

Sorry for going off on a bit of a tangent, but no one at my gp clinic seems to want to listen and so I'm now stuck with symptoms that don't match my diagnosis.

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it really varies, for many women it gets worse until menopause but yes according to what I have read in some women it gets better in time...

"If endometriosis is left untreated, it becomes worse in about 4 in 10 cases. It gets better without treatment in about 3 in 10 cases. For the rest it stays about the same. Endometriosis is not a cancerous condition."



I hate it when GP's just say "deal with it, it is a bad period!"..that is usually a male who looks scared! Doesn't help and makes you feel like you are wasting their time and being a drama queen when you are not!

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I don't know if this is normal reaction after having a miscarriage or not. I don't mean it in a gloaty way but I have not had a miscarriage, but then I have not been able to get pregnant, but I get thick bloody tissue deposits (clots) during my period which is a sign of endo.

I have been struggling on without treatment but it has become so bad now that I am going to go back to my GP for another referal. More so because the lovely people on this site have given me words of encouragement, advice and support. So I would say go back to GP and demand it get investigated esp if it is affecting your day to day life. No one deserves to suffer. x


Hi, and I am so sorry you've had such an awful time.

The ONLY way endometriosis can be diagnosed definitively is by laparoscopy. It can be suspected, but until it's seen, nobody can tell you that you've got endometriosis.

If you haven't fallen pregnant in 2 years, they should be looking at you anyway. I know it's horrible to have to keep going back and asking the same questions but you need a referral to somebody who will investigate properly and find out what's going on.

Go back to the doctor, see a different GP if you can, preferably a woman - and I know that sounds sexist but on the whole experience has shown me that women are more sympathetic to gynae problems and ask to be referred on the basis of fertility. Again, you can ask to be referred to somebody different if you have no faith in the gynae you've already seen.

Good luck xxx


Thanks for your responses folks, I think I'm just going to have to go back to my gp and try to get another referral. I think bring referred on the basis if fertility could very well be the way to go.

Thanks again x


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