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Endometrisosis: Don't take it lying down

Endometrisosis: Don't take it lying down

We know that often this a lot easier said than done but our aim is to use this slogan throughout this year's Awareness Week to challenge the general lack of understanding towards endometriosis and its impacts.

We believe it is vital that women are given a platform to express the way this condition is affecting them, to be able to explain the pain it causes and not suffer in silence or have it dismissed as normal.

So we are counting down to Endometriosis National Awareness Week 4th – 10th March.

The campaign page is now up and live - endometriosis-uk.org/getinv...

You can find information about our online Q & A sessions with Endo experts, the Endo Gallery (the next question for you will be coming out in a day or so) and how you can take help to raise awareness locally.

We want to get loads of people talking about endometriosis, who may never have heard of it before so please get involved and help make this year's Awareness Week the best yet!

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,

Endometrisois UK

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I have organised an awareness event in Folkestone, Kent called Girls Night at a local hotel on 7th March. I have already been overwhelmed by the generosity and interest in this event and whilst meeting and talking to people it has become clear just how common this illness is.

I will be available to talk to woman about Endometriosis and I already have my pack from Endometriosis UK - thanks :-) Who know's we may even find enough women to set up a support group in Kent.

You can find information on the event at facebook.com/events/1513254... and if you are in the area please come along.


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