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Severe endometriosis

Hello everyone i have just joined today and I would please like to share my ordeal with endo and see if anyone is familiar with this.i had ovarian cyst removed last year and I was diagnosed severe endo with adhesion on my left ovary the cyst was removed but the I don't think the adhesion was touched after dat I was put on Lupron to stop my period after three months my period came back by itself and d pain was more painful dat before I bought some herbs and did the fertility cleanse after the cleanse wen my period came I didn't feel pain the next month the pain became more painful went to my gp was told to go for a scan I did and was told my cycst are back again I have also been trying to ttc for 2 years but it hasn't happened have been refferd to the gyne in April I want to know if anyone knw that iui isemination or Ivf can help me get pregant as I really want to get pregant can someone advise me on wat to do thans

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I have just done IVF. I have very bad endo, a frozen pelvis, an 8cm chocolate cyst, bowel, ovary and bladder covered too.

I got 12 eggs and completed the IVF with no problems, although it was not successful, the IVF process did work. Even though I have adhesions round my ovaries meaning eggs cannot release themselves.... This would be why iui wouldn't work as they only put sperm in your uterus, ur body does the rest, if there is a lot of scarring there the eggs won't make it to the Fallopian tubes.

I hope u get some relief from the pain... It's the Bain of my life :( xx


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