mirena coil and endometriosis

i am 29 and was diagnosed with endo with a laparoscopy. I had adhesions in three areas. They missed it the first time. Before that i was in and out of hospital with pain killers and drips. I was pulled from pillar to post and was very depressed leading me to see a counsellor. I did not know where to turn. I changed dr and the lady said to me after i described the pains. That sounds like endo. She put me with an amazing gynae. He found it and lasered my adhesions. It was fine until three months later. 4 laparoscopy later and we decided to have the mirena coil. It helped alot. had it for nearly four years. Had it out in sept 2011. As my husband and i want to start a family. Since have had one normal period and bleeding every two weeks. I get awful migranes and grinding endo pains. 6 days before period and 6 days after every two weeks. Anyone had this experience and will my periods calm down. we want to have a baby as soon as we can. I just hope it happens. I am going to see a counsellor because it is all getting me down again. I have an endometriosis group on face book and a endometriosis page. look at those too and feel free to add comments etc. this health unlocked is really good. Thank you Joanna Spackman. I had five consultants before finding the right person. I have also been to see dian shepperson mills who is a top nutritionist. she gave me some vitamins and some very good dietry meals to help. she has had severe endo for many years.

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  • Hi, there. I am very sorry to know your difficulties. I know exactly how you feel, because I'm 29,too and had four times laparoscopy in every 18moths and went on yasmin pill but now going to have the 5th one on next Fri. We wanted to have a baby and tried it for 4years but endo made difficult. Its a catch 22, want to get pregnant but endo takes over every time. I usually get 3months of narrow window of chance to get pregnant after my laparoscopy but so far no success. My pain is like yours, nearly 14days out of every months I get sever pain and PMS. I just tried CBT counselling to look after my emotional side because I went very low mood. Its a constant battle with emotional and physical pain. I really hope you and your husband support each other ( its not easy for a man to see his wife in lots of pain but can't do much about it) and get through this very challenging time. but don't loose your hope before you try everything, you never know. My friend's mum got pregnant with her first child after 14years of on homeopaty and she had severe endo for all that years, too. n we started to know more helpful hints over the years like diet n certain supplements.

  • Thanks for your kind response. I feel for you too. it is very challenging at times and i am trying to focus and try to stay positive. I keep a diary of my periods and the pain. It is helping me to keep focused and just think it can only improve. I am trying gluten free diet as i did it a while ago. I am doing yoga too. I have terrible migranes 6 days before a period and 6 days after. I have been of work with these which is very annoying. Do you get migranes. I never got them until i got endo. Thanks again take care Jo Spackman

  • I get pounding headaches on the Mirena coil, but they go when I have it out! Re trying to fall pregnant though - there's a very good book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which teaches you to track your temperature and check your fluids. The usual counting method can be very inaccurate, as people's cycles and luteal phases are different lengths. This method is also great if your periods are irregular. That might help you make the most of your window to get pregnant.

  • Thank you for the very kind comments made. I feel better now knowing others have been through similar. I am doing ok at the moment. Period due next week so dreading what endo might be like hopefully better this time. I never have written on these blogs before so feel better for doing so and takes the weight of my mind knowing there are lots of others out there too. I have an endometriosis group on facebook and an endo page on facebook. I have 90 members on the group and checking today 400 people have looked at my page. Please look on their too. Many thanks for the support and good luck to everyone out their. we shall keep our heads high and stay positive as hard as it may be sometimes know that feeling. IT helps me so much knowing there are these forums out there this is the best one i have found. So thanks xx falcons (JO)

  • having severe migrane anyone know how to get rid of it. horrible nose bleeds and feeling sick. so tired falling asleep all the time. my eyes sting and so does my head do not know what to do :(

  • hi there i get horrible migranes and do not know what to do either. they come 5 days before period and 5 days after. I am tired all the time. I have also recently been in hospital with burning pains in my abdomen. have had this for a year but got so severe have been off work 5 weeks. whilst in hospital i had an endoscopy. They said i had severe gastritis and a severe infection plus no lining of the stomach. Is so painful really struggling most days. I work four days a week in a nursery i am so tired all the time. Does anyone else get anything else with their endo. I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist in 4 weeks. when i came out of hospital saw a consultant who could not help although he said what i needed i had to wait. So in a real mess with the pain. i cannot wait any longer the hospital has not been good. they sent me home from hospital and they sent me home with no ideas or treatment. Is very frustrating. Hope everyone is ok. sorry if i am going on. is all making me anxious and feeling very down. When i get endo pain and gastritis pain at the same time it is horrible. what other things do people have with endo and what have they done. Thank u xxxxxx

  • Hiya I just wanted to let you know Iv had the same problems as you but after 3 years of trying and a miscarriage we now have a beautiful 6 month old boy!! The pregnancy didn't get rid of the endo has made it 10 times worse but was worth it! We used ovulation sticks off amazon give them a go, cheap enough to buy too ; ) x

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