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Endo returning???

In 2004 after several miscarriages i was looked into and diagnosed with pcos. I was never treated for my many side effects but it was'nt a huge problem, and after a year of being taken in and out of hospital 2012 i finally requested my doctor send me to a gyny after refusing to do so for 6months saying there was nothing wrong i threatened with legal action and was finally refered.

The gyny booked me in for a lap and found i have endo aswell as the pcos so reoved what the saw.

I was on fake menopause injections for 3 months then came off them a month ago as im only 28 i cant stay on it long term, The first couple of weeks i felt great but the ;ast 2 have been a nightmare and im in pain all over again...

I cant empty my bowls often but that could be the dyhydracodiene my left side is killing andit hurts when i have intercorse again plus i have to force my urine out as otherwise it hurts and takes ages to empty my bladder.... Is it possible its returned or is it normal with coming of the meds????

I have aso been feeling very sick.... Ive lost nearly 7lbs in 2 weeks and feel really pregnant but obviously i cant be as the injection stopped my ovaries from working x

This has effected my quality of life very badly, ive tried so hard to have my 2 children and been through so much and i feel my time with them is darkened with all this as im constantly poorley.... Its so depressing and the hospital looked at me like a liar my doctor called my a hypercondract and its only pcos then as im young they told me in front of my husband of 7 yrs that i had pelvic inflaamatory disease caused by what they believed to be a std

!!!! needless to say it wasnt and after a whole day at the gum clinic and feeling very embarressed and upset thinking my husband had done the dirty and countless arguements later it was all clear and ended up being endo!!! How many others have been so badly treated??? I feel like sueing them for everything they have done to me as it got so bad being ignored and pushed away i tried to end my life... how selfish does that make me.. I hate what this is doing to me and my family.

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I completely understand and im so sorry you felt so bad that that was your only way out and I hope you are getting help for that all of your symptom sound very similar to the endo one I get but every one is different and get different symptoms and the meds cause all sorts of problems!

it took them two years to diagnose endo after being told theres nothing wrong with you, your making it up, it isn't that bad, your crazy, and then when I did get told I had endo after a lap my gyne told me theres nothing we can do use it or lose it< actual word he used! I stopped going to see them and tried to manage on pain meds from the doc but progressively got worse and had to return currently waiting for a lap apt just had pre cancerous cells removed from my cervix and that messed me up so I have to wit for that to heal! I genrally think that with what we go through we know our bodys well and I think my endo has got worse and spread and I also think I have cysts on my ovaries but I have to wait for them to pull there finger out and mean while we have to live in misery :( the NHS and the benefits system need a good shake im at the point you are where I cant see a way out my life is ova I have no money because I connot not will not work and are living with my perants im 27 this year and im a failure!

by the way pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection of the tissue not an std im sorry they told you that and I hope you get help and sending understanding love to you!



I'm so sorry to hear about you too... Seems like the VHS are letting is sufferes down badly with a high cost to us!!

Please don't think that of yourself I know it sounds rich coming from me but honestly it's a bad slippery rope to go down and it'll only make things worse in the end.

I'm at the hospital tomorrow for an appointment and I'm not taking any more nonsense from them.

It's an absolute joke!

I hope you find some resolution and comfort in the end! I'm not working either do know how it feels but keep strong and tell them not ask seems it isn't getting us anywhere bring nice so look at it as them or you.

Big hugs your way bbe and I'm always a note away if u ever feel at a loose end x


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