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Being referred to fertility specialist....... Finally!!

Hi peeps, so I had my gynae appointment and they are finally moving me in the right direction.

I have endo and have had a lap, loads of ultrasounds, blood tests and even a biopsy and outer cervix cortorisation.

They have said that there's not much they can do now about the endo except contraceptives. The registrar a saw was fab though. She actually said having kids is my best chance of improvement.

We've been trying for children for four years now with no luck at all and she thinks I may not be ovulating.

Has anyone been down this path?

Do you know what it involves?

On a side note, I've also been put on tramadol as the pain is horrific. Has anyone had any funky side effects? I'm having nutty dreams and I had a migraine the other night with vomiting. I'm wondering if its the tabs or just a coincidence.

Thanks lovelies, Danielle x

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HI Danielle,

I too have been on tramadol lately and had loads of mad dreams about completely random stuff. Also tingling lips!

I have endo and had to referred into fertility specialist. I went straight into IVF as my tubes were blocked with endo damage. If your registrar thinks you are not ovulating they will do some tests to see if you are. If not, then they may try hormone treatment first to see if they can get you to ovulate.

Best of luck with it all



Thanks so much miwa, hopefully will get the appointment through soon and get going with all of this.

The tramadol is working wonders now though. Still having nutty dreams but its worth it as life is getting better as I can now move!!

Take care Hun xx


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