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What treatment is the best that you have had to get rid of pain? I am stage 3 going onto stage 4 endo, Will try anything to get rid of this!

I have had 2 laproscopys

3 lots of hormonal pills to take a day

I did have Zoladex to shrink my 10 by 10cm cysts after my first laproscopy, I did find this got rid of the pain but the hot flushes and night sweats were unbearable!

How many people say Marina coil?

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Hi there if you come across my blog you will see ive had the Mirena for almost 4 years now. I had it put in for the heavy periods and terrible jekyll and hyde pmt. For me it has been a godsend. Took a few months to settle with daily spotting but no awful periods to worry about ,they stopped and no awful endo crippling pain every month. Unfortunately it wont rid you of the endo but hopefully it will work for you and give you some quality of life. Good luck J xx


Mirena is my saviour too. As jalo says, you do need to give it time to kick in, but my word it is a life changer.


Thank you so much you two!! Ive decided after the pills I am on now runs out, which is in 2 months, and theres still so much pain, I am defo having this done, and the gynae says Ive got to have it done at the hospital anyway as I have an odd cervix or something, cannot remember what he said, but really really appreciate you both for replying, put my mind at ease with getting it xx


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