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DEPPRESSED feeling sick and headaches

For the past week I have been feeling sick a lot more than usual and have had really bad headaches more than usual too I was just wondering if anyone. Else feel like that

It as been awful I am so geeting sick of it all I have been put on antidepressants now I just can't cope anymore I have been put on tablets for panic attacks it is all getting too much to handle. 16 years of pain and the benefit office say I can work but my doctor says I can't work I am totally sick of it all xxx

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Could you possibly be having any side effects from your medications. Have you recently started taking them. It may be worth looking at the leaflet to see if these match any of your symptoms. Chin up lovely lady dont let it beat you down. Give yourelf a little treat have your hair down go for a manicure. Big hugs.xx j


Thanks jalo69 xxx


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