Norethisterone and rude gynaecologist!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this so please bare with me.

I've had pain on and off for years but have been on the pill since having my daughter nearly 8 years ago. Recently I started getting much worse pain all through the month, throughout abdomen, tops of legs, lower back and especially in my ovaries. I have been to the doctors repeatedly and had all the usual tests and scans which came back with nothing. 3 months ago I had an appointment with my gyne (who I have previously been unhappy with the way she spoke to me). I explained all my symptoms and she treated me like a school child trying to get out of gym class. My husband came with me and was quite cross with how she spoke to me. I had not mentioned endometriosis but she acted like I had gone in trying to diagnose myself, she told me in no uncertain terms that I did not have endo which I was obviously happy to hear however she then sent me off with Norethisterone for 4 months to stop spotting.

The first month I took this was the most horrendous pain I have encountered, I felt like I was in labour and the spotting was worse all month. I rang the hospital and refused to take no for an answer, I could not continue with this pain for 4 months, let alone the extra pain caused by the side effects of the huge amounts of codeine I was taking. I have been back and they have now booked me in for a laparoscopy suspecting endo. The problem with this is that my pain has now subsided a fair amount, it is still there but not as bad as I've continued with the meds.

Basically I wandered if anyone else has taken norethisterone and if it takes the edge off the pain or if my pain was something else! I'm very confused and my gyne has not told me anything helpful, I obviously don't want to have unnecessary surgery and am also worried she will be rude and even more patronising if nothing is found.

I know this sounds pathetic but she scares me a bit and I'm worries of how to deal with it.

Thank you for reading this essay and for any advice you may give.

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  • I'm sorry to hear you're having such a rough time! Unfortunately doctors don't seem to know an awful lot about endo!! If it is endo I wouldn't think that the norethisterone would get rid of it. I demanded the lap and thats when they saw that I wasn't lying and had the endo. The lap didnt really help me but doctors do take me more seriously now and i'll be having my second this year. Sometimes i have a few days where my endo isnt bad at all and i feel the same as you but unfortuantley it does come back- dont stop moaning at the doctors! fingers crossed and good luck x

  • Hi when I went for my first consultation last year my gynae was quite prepared for me to walk out the door and nothing be done. I was so upset by his attitude and my b/f was with me too and couldn't believe how badly I was spoken to. But when I had my diagnostic lap he had a totally different approach to me and gave me some respect, what I deserved. Went to see him yesterday, he was nice but did tell me off at first (like a little girl).

    Northisterone, I took it for two days last week and ever since had pain, dull ache, it has nearly gone now after a good few days. I remember last time I took it too I had pain after taking it. Decided am not going to take it again.

    A few years is a long time to not be taken seriously by these docs. Please go back and if you don't get anywhere be referred to a different doc or even hospital. I beleive there a few dotted around the country who specialise in excision, which I beleive has a slower regrowth. X

  • i would say ask to see another doctor, its your legal right to get the treatment you deserve, you can complain to your gp and see what they can do for you.

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been treated badly lexharr. There really is no excuse for rude professionals. You'd think being a gynae & a woman she'd be better equipped to deal with hormonal & pain ridden women really!

    I was put on norithisterone over 5 years ago to treat severe PMT & painful periods. It seemed to work for the first couple of years & then slowly I began to notice the symptoms coming back. I have also been on anti-depressants for some several years. I am intrigued to know why you were put on them & as I have never heard of them being used to treat suspected endo before? In fact when I started on my journey that I find myself on now I was told to stop taking the norithisterone. (I had a lap a month ago & they found endo on my left ovary & adhesions on my pelvic wall & colon, am on list for full hysterectomy now) .

    In summary I'm not sure if the norithisterone will be making any difference to your pain. I hope your lap is soon & you get sorted out.

    I am fortunate enough to have developed endo after I have had 2 children, I'm now 37, but it is still a struggle to deal with. I have lost a fair amount of quality of life to this pain & hormone inbalance. Crying at pathetic & unimportant things & screaming my head off at my family is never where I wanted to be. Please know that you are not alone.

    Sending you lots of hugs xx:)

  • Hi, you said you developed endo after 2 children so did I, I hope you dont mind me asking you on this thread, but did you have a difficult birth with them, retained placenta etc? I did and then always had heavy abnormal periods afterwards which seemed to develop into endometriosis.

  • Hi Spice47,

    No worries about asking. I didn't have a difficult actual birth I suppose but my first son was induced 6 weeks early as I had pre-eclampsia. He's now 12. My youngest is 7 & was induced 1 week early as his growth has slowed right down during the end. So in answer to your question the births themselves were normal vaginal deliveries but I suppose the circumstances around them were difficult!

    My periods started to go downhill after my second son was born and it's gone on since then but I always thought it was something I'd just have to put up with, I never dreamt it would turn into something so sinister that would lead to a hysterectomy.

    I've had my date through today, 8th march, but there is a problem with beds at our local hospital & there is a 90% chance it will get cancelled on the day!!! Unbelievable really! I will be looking at 5th April after that. At least I know that within 2 months I will be on the road to recovery, well hopefully anyway!

    Has a direct link been made from your difficult births to your endo then?

    Gosh we're complicated things aren't we?

    :) xx

  • Thank you for all your advice. i think i spoke too soon though as the pain has returned with a vengence the past few days. i think i will see how it goes in the pre-op as i cant face starting from the begining again. if im not happy after that i will go back to my GP and see what i can do. Starting to worry about the lap now incase it shows something i dont want to hear, or if something goes wrong. however it is supposedly only minor surgery and so many people go through it and are fine! 2 weeks to go, then it will be done!

    Thank you all again and good luck to all of you. X

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