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All visible endo removed. What is the story now?

Hello all

I hope you are having good days.

I am recovering from big laparoscopy 2 days ago where surgeon says he has removed 'all visible' endometriosis (I had stage 4 and rectovaginal) This is a great result, as we weren't sure what exactly he was going to be able to do.

So I will be delighted about this when I feel myself again, but I would like some idea of what to do / expect now? Surgeon has recommended going on microgynon pill and I'm assuming this is to attempt to regulate my hormones and slow any recurrence.

What is the likelihood of recurrence? Do any of you have any other advice for me now?

Thank you.


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I have just found this book in my local library:

Title: Endometriosis and other pelvic pain

Author: Dr Susan Evans

Publisher: Piakus (2006) ISBN0 7499 2705 4

I wish I had read it when I was first diagnosed as it answers a lot of those questions.

It is written in an easy to understand way but without it being dumbed down either... the person writing it is an endo surgeon with many years of experience... she also talks about research and lifestyle.

I am actually going to buy it and I highly recommend it xx


Here is the endoUK book list (that book is on it)

and here is the amazon page. You can read the first ten pages on the link below if you click on the image of the book xx



Looks like a thorough book, thank you! Xx


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