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ANOTHER OP! and he wants to put in the merina! HELP

Hey everyone, had another appointment today, i really feel like im wasting his time and to him im just another thing with a problem, not a person with feelings or anything.

Im now waiting for a date for my 6th Lap in 5 years! Ive been fighting and fighting with my gyne, i really dont want the merina put in, it got to the point he had me in tears because he was basically saying its my own fault im in pain for not having the mirena put in!

My mum had one put in almost 3 yrs ago, in ended up with her having a hysterectomy because they annoyed her fibroids, knowing full well they she had them and they shouldnt of even put the mirena in, im 18, almost 19, i have no children and its a scary thought having it all taken out! i know not everyone gets problems, but it doesnt stop me being scared, i was just wondering if you could share your experiences of the coil? or what you had instead??


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Hi Vicci

I completely understand why you're concerned after what your mum went through, especially as you were there and saw it all first hand. But that was an extreme reaction, as you said, not everybody has problems.

The entire front wall of my womb is covered in either loads of small fibroids or one massive one, they're not sure. I am on my second Mirena, and have had absolutely no problems; in fact it's been brilliant for me.

If you really don't want it, they can't force you to have it. Your gynae doesn't sound very sympathetic; forcing it on you by emotional blackmail isn't really the way to go!

I know you're scared but it's not permanent, if it doesn't agree with you they can easily and quickly whip it out

C xxx


Hi Vicci

What other hormone treatments have you tried? 6 laps in 5 years is an awful lot - what have they found in those ops? Is your endo mild, moderate or severe?

I've had five laps in the last nine years and surgery can do more harm than good as it can cause adhesions and nerve damage. With each surgery, the chance of bowel perforation goes up as they make the first incision blind. Do you get any relief from the surgeries? My concern is that there is a limit to how many lap can be done because the belly button will become surrounded by so much scar tissue - after that, they may have to do open surgeries. As you're so young, you have lots of years ahead where you may need surgery and it's going to be increasingly difficult because you've had so many already.

Honestly, I think you need a new consultant. He is not treating you with respect or involving you in the decisions. If you don't want the mirena, you don't have to have it - you can state on the op consent form that you do not consent to them inserting it and then they can't do it. Personally I wouldn't have another lap with this person.

Whereabouts roughly do you live? Perhaps someone can suggest a good endo specialist in your area. When you have this, it makes an enormous difference to your care. It's your choice whether you have a particular treatment or not, all they can do is advise you.

The mirena is very problematic for many endo sufferers but gynaes seem to e in denial when we try to report side effects. I had mine put in during a lap in August as it was the only treatment I hadn't tried. It's been hell - I had severe contractions for 10 hours a day and bleeding every day for the first 3-4 months. This has reduced but is still an issue, and I've also had severe depression and weight gain. I can't get an appointment to have it removed until the end of march and frankly I'm close to removing it myself! Because gynaes are brushing these complaints off, they're not being reported. Of course some women have a wonderful experience with the mirena, but it seems that endo sufferers are more likely to have a problem.

Do your own research and read through the questions and answers here about the mirena and then make your own decision. Personally I would find a new specialist altogether and see what they say,

Good luck



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