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First consultation - help please??

Next tuesday I've got my consultation with a gynae endo specialist. I've not yet had a diagnosis, and my previous lap done over 2 years was 'inconclusive' I am being treated currently with cerazette to ease symptoms. Anyway, really nervous! I've been sent a consulatation questionnaire by Endo UK to fill out and take with me, plus pain and symptom diaries as requested preivously. Do they actually take any notice of the inof you bring in? I really want to be taken seriously as they've been so arrogant about it all before and i have no answers :( Can any one advise? Is there anything else I should do or ask? xx

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It really depends on the consultant. If you can, take someone with you. They often bombard you with so much that you don't take it all in so it helps to have a second pair of ears. When you arrive at the reception ask to see the consultant him/herself (try not to be fobbed off with one of the consultants' juniors). I usually say 'I've got lots of questions so I really need to see the consultant'. Take a magazine and bottle of water-clinics rarely run on time! At the end of the appointment ask how you can contact him/her after if you think of any more questions.

Good luck, hope you see a nice one xx


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