Bowen Technique

So I have read that the Bowen Technique can help women with endometriosis, I was just wondering if any have you have tried it and if it has helped or not? As I am looking into going for it.

Also I have read an aromatherapy massage also can help relax you and your endometritiosis.

What have you all tried to help calm your sysmptoms and what has worked and what hasnt :D

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  • I have heard about the Bowen tech too... Please let me know how you get on xx

  • I haven't heard about this technique, what is it and what does it involve? Is there any specific criterior to you having this treatment?

    Hope all goes well for you xx

  • I have started a course of treatment and so far I have to say, I am impressed. I went into very skeptical, and I am not usually a great 'believer' of that kind of approach.... But, the proof is in the pudding. I have taken half the amount of painkillers for my pain than normal.

    Where about's do you live? I volunteer for Endo Uk as a group leader in Staffordshire, and funnily enough I have a Bowen Technique practitioner coming along to our next meeting to chat to my ladies about it.

    If you're not local, read this: It's a doc the practitioner forwarded onto me.

    Hope that helps

    Aimee x

  • Hey Aimee

    I am in Staffordshire and will be coming to that meeting, I spoke to you about it on facebook a few weeks back I am Bianca on there :)

    Yeah I think I may start going and having some treatment like this to see if it helps with my pain, it is worth a try.

    Have my first Lap in a few weeks yikes, I am dreading it but hopefully I will have had it before the meeting so I can come :D x

  • Hi Bianca!

    I hadn't made the connection as you are x_b_x on here. I know who you are now!

    So is your lap to diagnose whether it is endo or not? I remember you saying you hadn't found out yet and the doctors were fobbing it off with IBS..

    Sorry to hear you are in lots of pain. Don't despair... there are things out there that can help. It just takes a while to find yourself on the right path. Hopefully you will find our meeting helpful as there are a couple of guest speakers coming, possibly 3. It's still in discussions, but I was hoping to get someone to come in and give a talk on reiki too.

    Good luck with your lap anyway. I hope they find some answers for you


  • Yeah the Lap is to diagnose whether I have it or not, I know it sounds really bad but I am hoping it is to be honest, as then I atleast have the diagnosis and know exactly what it is rather then them fobbin me of with this that and the other.

    Yeah the meeting will be good, will be able to try and find some ways of coping with the pain x

  • I know exactly what you mean. I was in daily, chronic pain and un-able to work for about 8 months before I found out, via a lap, that I had Endo and when they told me I was sooooooo relieved. I had all kinds of crazy things going on in my head of what might be wrong with me! It's so much better to know, because then you can start to deal with it and cope with it.

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